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Why do WE put up with this?

I once asked our Governor Deval Patrick “where does our tax dollars go?” I also said the schools are failing, crime is increasing and the roads and bridges are a mess, so “where does the money go?” He replied by stating the schools are the best they have ever been and are the best in the country. That the roads and bridges are the best they have ever been. If you can believe it he said that the crime level has decreased since he took office. Is he serious? Do you believe this? Look all around, the schools in this state are failing to provide for their students because instead of our money going to the schools it goes to the teacher’s union. The crime has increased so bad that my hometown has been over run with gangs because the police have their hands tied because of racial lawsuits. Instead of hiring more police and fireman the money goes to criminals who sit at home and collect the money that is supposed to go to our much needed officers.

WE continue to get regulated and taxed to death! Look around at all the stores closing, the people losing their jobs and homes.  But yet we allow them to continue to shake us down for every dime!



4 comments on “Why do WE put up with this?

  1. MH
    November 12, 2010

    I’ve had it if I was younger I would leave the state I’m afraid I have to stay here it’s too late to start over for me maybe enough of us will be upset by 2012 that something good will happen HA HA.I don’t know how anyone else feels but I think it should be illegal for government employees to be union the need for unions is long gone people are treated well now by most employers.

    • sosmass
      November 12, 2010

      MH I couldn’t agree more!! That’s why we have to create OUR machine to defeat theirs! WE CAN! I understand how you feel.Not only should they be fired, they broke laws and should be in jail. I was devastated after they stole the election. I worked my fingers to the bone (literally). And to get those results were crushing, I cried! I have 2 young sons and I’m terrified for their future! It’s scary! That is why it is so important to ban together to take the state back! SOS

  2. sosmass
    November 12, 2010

    I hope WE won’t let this continue. Even though WE lost this election, if WE work together 2012 WE will be able to change this ridiculous excuse called government!

    • MH
      November 14, 2010

      sosmass I never prayed as much as I have recently I wasn’t fortunate enough to have children but it breaks my heart that the young people today may find themselves in a government controlled life that they can’t escape from I’m almost glad I’m old now so if the worst happens I won’t have to see it and I really appreciate all the things my husband and I have been able to do in a FREE democratic republic the things I’m afraid the young people may not be able to do now I hope you’re right and enough of us are aware and will stick together to get our country back here’s hoping we are stronger in 2012

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