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from a commenter on being REPUBLICAN

A lot of strong Republican candidates lost on November 2nd to the state’s Democratic Political Machine. It was very discouraging, seeing ideal candidates like Sean Beilat, losing by 12%, Charlie Baker by 9%. The only way we can capture these elections is to build a strong machine on the conservative side.

So many conservative minded people in Massachusetts insist on maintaining their unenrolled status, and refer to themselves as Independent. Through working on various campaigns this past year, I met many people with views largely or wholly on the right, who stated they were independent. Why are so many voters in this state afraid to call themselves Republicans? This behavior caters to the other side, giving in to a fear that friends, coworkers or neighbors will think less of you if you attach that “R” next to your name on a voter registration.

We need to educate those around us, and inform that conservative policies are the “right” ones. As long as their is a negative stigma to being a Republican in this state, we will never cut into this corrupt Democrat machine. To all of you right, or center-right minded individuals who insist on being “Independent,” name me a single Democratic candidate in this state you would have voted for in recent elections – Deval Patrick? John Kerry? Coakley? Olver? McGovern? Tierney? Please! The list could go on and on. We need to build the REPUBLICAN PARTY in MASSACHUSETTS, and we can’t do it as long as people are afraid to call themselves Republicans. Sure, Bush’s 2nd term was lousy, but he’s gone. Being a Republican doesn’t mean you have to endorse every single one. The vast majority of Republican candidates were very strong. I am chairman of a local RTC. We endorsed most but not all, not simply because they were Republicans, because they were far and away the better candidate!

All of you who supported Bill Gunn, Marty Lamb, Sean Bielat, Jon Golnik, Tom Wesley, Jim McKenna, Mary Connaughton, etc. – you need to become active in the Republican party in this state. Join your local Republican Town or City Committee. Unless you do, we’re not working together, we’re running circles around each other. This is the only way we can win. Lose the “I” or the “U” and pick up the “R” and be proud of it!


6 comments on “from a commenter on being REPUBLICAN

  1. Integrity1st
    November 13, 2010

    I am registered UNENROLLED for the simple reason that I have been disgusted with BOTH parties. There are many of us. But I think, under the circumstances of the victories of the “WILD, WILD, LEFT”, it has become important, if not imperitive, that we unenrolled conservatives get registered as republicans so that we can be more readily identifiable, and start holding the republicans in office accountable to tow the line. That might be one way to start building a machine to counter the machine bent on destroying our state.

  2. MH
    November 13, 2010

    You need to remember that by being independant in this state it means you can take either ballot in the primary and sometimes you can knock off an incumbant in a primary election if I’m not mistaken that’s how we got rid of Frank Bellotti many years ago I take the democrat ballot sometimes to see if some damage can be done once the incumbant makes it to the election it’s too late.

  3. Integrity1st
    November 14, 2010

    Can you explain that more? For example, who are you voting out, the stronger candidate so that the Repub runs against a nim wit? Seems a lot of effort with little chance of success? Then can you change your registration after the primary, because if not, I really think we need to BUILD UP the Republican party before ALL is lost = (

    • Ad rem
      November 15, 2010


      What a pleasant surprise to find you here! Hillbuzz has jumped the shark and becom the “Kult of Kevin”. Pat is on, and as for others…will hopefully find them in the future. Agree with your above comments. It’s amazing…the Repubs just took the House and they’re already arguing over earmarks. Perhaps they’ll expend a little effort fighting for the extension of the Bush tax cuts, and not just devote all their time to co-opting the Tea Party candidates. One can hope.

  4. Integrity1st
    November 16, 2010

    Ad Rem – However did you find me?!?!!? The most pleasant of surprises. I wish I knew how these things work so I could know this was getting to you. How do we stay in touch?

    • Ad rem
      November 16, 2010

      I just got an e-mail notification of your posting. I am the all seeing, all knowing kitty kat! 😉

      I found you here by shear luck! I was reading the comments at the infamous USO thread…I swear, for one last time…and noticed one of them had their own site. I always check out other poster’s sites…just so I get to know them better. Boy…was I surprised to see you had posted here!

      Well, I have cut the cord with Hillbuzz. That last lenghthy lament with the gratuitous homage to the “troll buster” was the last straw for me. It’s just way too much drama for one small cat to endure.

      I opened an account over at (Pat is there), however, I’m still trying to figure out how to post there. They have a section there called “The Connection” which allows you to interact with other members and post ala Face Book. My e-mail is “”…stay in touch! ;-D

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