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Patrick ‘confident’ despite low city turnout

This really says it all about what happened to Mass on November 2nd.  It wasn’t the candidate.  It wasn’t the campaign.  It wasn’t the lack of funds.  It wasn’t the lack of voter enthusiasm getting to the polls, and it sure wasn’t about what was best for the citizens of this state.  It was the lack of the “ground operation” that was clearly well known to our Governor, and well organized to vote a straight line of D’s regardless of who or what they were.  IT WAS THE WELL OILED MACHINE and it’s going to eat us alive if we don’t get one . . . and then some.

“I don’t think anybody has ever seen the kind of ground operation we have in play right now,” the governor said while rallying voters tonight at the Boston Public Library. “I feel very confident in that organization.”


3 comments on “Patrick ‘confident’ despite low city turnout

  1. MH
    November 17, 2010

    How do we beat the MACHINE and all these union robots I know when I was in IBEW they made it clear who they liked but I preferred to vote my own way .Have people become so brainwashed or so lazy they can’t get their own information and vote like their lives and their children’s lives depend on it? I know someone in Mass Teachers Union and she voted for “DEVIL” Patrick because she believed if Baker won she and lots of other teachers would lose their jobs how do you fight that? Sorry I’m feeling discouraged today “can you tell”?

    • sosmass
      November 19, 2010

      Went to a GOP meeting last nite. There was anger and frustration, but plans are being put in place. It’s all getting organized now. One thing that will make you feel less discouraged is getting involved with your local Republican Committee. How about you give us some updates on joining and what they’re up to?

      (Our alternative is to quit and watch the sunset = (

  2. jm
    November 21, 2010

    November 2 was DEFINITELY a devastating loss for Republican candidates and volunteers alike in MA. I know I was thinking there was hope for our state even if only SOME of the excellent candidates we worked for got elected. Ugh, a downer for sure when that didn’t happen–but that only made me more determined to “brainstorm”, strategize, and plan ahead over the next 2 years with the huge number of people I got to know while volunteering on several campaigns to find the best ways to build a bigger, stronger base and keep it growing. One way is to stay in contact with each other, stay positive, involved, and informed–and pass that information on to others. That will help us put together our own well-oiled machine! Let’s see “the glass as half full”–there ARE SOME Republicans on Beacon Hill–and they’re in short supply, so they need our support. We can’t give up–they’re not, and what we are all working for is too important. It’s our lives, our liberties, our state, and our country that are at stake. I have a saying; success can be held in the palm of your hand ONLY AFTER you reach out to grasp it–and sometimes you have to reach more than once. We have to keep reaching–success for MA is worth the work! Let’s start right now to build a statewide network of people who will reach out with us.

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