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Scott Brown Slams it Home

A must watch video where Scott Brown articulately explains why JOBS aren’t being created as a direct result of Congress messing around with, e.g., spending six days on Food Safety, and waiting to discuss unemployment extensions until six hours before their expiration.  (Why he voted on that Food Bill, I have yet to understand, but no one can say this speech isn’t right on point!)

There are comments below that criticise Brown, but fail to see the point he is making in this speech.  The critic fortells of very troubling stories for people if the unemployment extension isn’t granted, so I would add these comments:

There will definately be people who will lose a cushion they are dependent on and it will cause even more severe hardships than they are already facing, but the vast majority will find their way around this crisis, and even become more resourceful as a result.  In the meantime, there are many people who are in the same straights that can’t qualify for unemployment for a variety of reasons that are just as in need but do not receive the cushion.  Finally, I know of at least three people that fall into the category of,

they collected unemployment for 99 weeks,

they looked for a job during that period, but

they did not do so with the same tenacity and seriousness they intend to now,

they all agreed that no more extensions should be granted, and 

they all contend that the extensions extended their unemployment by virtue of providing a cushion that, once removed, forces them to put the petal to the metal to get a job.

In the context of what Brown says in this video, people should also be reminded of what was going on before he got to the Senate, i.e., months and months of shoving healthcare down our throats IN SPITE OF THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE, ECONOMY, DEFICIT and many other compelling issues that necessitated that this massive overhall of healthcare should have waited, if brought at all at THIS time. 


One comment on “Scott Brown Slams it Home

  1. jm
    December 3, 2010

    Senator Brown certainly did get it right when he said Congress should be focusing on “jobs, jobs, jobs” immediately, and get moving on turning the economy around without putting any more debt on the country’s “credit card”–one that’s already so far over its limit that our great-grandchildren’s generation will be lucky to pay it off. In response to his suggestion of using the “bank account”, or money already available to extend unemployment benefits, I would say that would seem the better place from which to fund any additional benefits. However, at the risk of sounding uncaring or heartless, it’s VITAL to remember that thousands of the 250 thousand people who are unemployed in MA–many of whom have been so for a year or more–have NOT received–and WILL NOT receive ANY unemployment benefits since they are independent contractors and/or small business owners who are facing the same dire circumstances and financial obligations as those who have been receiving benefits; and THEY are REALLY struggling with nothing to bouy them up until their clients/customers come back and/or until they also find other jobs. It seems that some “benefits” should be provided for them if yet another extention is passed. The MOST critical decision here though still remains JOBS! Unemployment benefits can’t go on forever. There is no money tree tall enough. Our country is too deep in debt to keep handing out money; instead it needs to provide an environment for creating JOBS. People need to have the opportunity again to work and earn their own living–that builds self-respect, initiative, creativity, and the spirit to succeed. We all need to continue urging Senator Brown to continue to pressure Congress to do what it takes to get Americans back to work; and we need to call Senator Kerry, as well as our local state representatives and let them know that’s what we want them to do as well. The latter are definitely a “hard sell”, but let’s keep their phone lines, emails, and fax machines busy until they finally “hear” the voice of the people in Massachusetts!

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