Save Our State of Massachusetts

Get Your $50,000.00 Now.

It would be nice to focus on Massachussetts, but worldly events scream for our attention and action so that we aren’t further bludgeoned by this administration’s efforts to seemingly focus on ANYTHING BUT JOBS.  (Sure extension of Bushes tax cuts qualifies, but what have we been doing for the last two years while these cuts are set to expire in weeks?)

Shadowed by all this, perhaps by design, is the Pigford II settlements our fearless leader, (who walked off stage leaving former President Clinton in charge), signed just recently so that wannabe farmers will each receive $50,000.00 whether they were actually harmed by our government OR NOT.  Below is a summary of an article that does much to explain Pigford, and Pigford II.  Everyone should become familiar with the details since it involves everything from our precious tax dollars to redistribute our wealth, (or lack thereof), to murder.  Scary stuff, but we need to know, and it is our money being siphoned for just about every purpose except helping us put food on the table and pay our mortgages.

………”To sum up: Here’s a guy who is the ringleader of a gang of people defrauding the Federal government. He murders two individuals to shut them up, and cuts off the head and hands of one for good measure. He threatens people and solicits perjury. After all of that, the Department of Justice decides that they’re not going to pursue it as a capital case?

I’m personally against the death penalty, but my gob is smacked.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the DOJ didn’t want to make it a death penalty case, because they didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention to Pigford.

The date on that Clarion Ledger piece is January 30, 2008. I don’t know whether or not this was the decision of Holder’s immediate colleagues, but somebody sure as hell ought to find out who made the call–because it reminds me a little bit of a case regarding the NBPP in Philadelphia, and a polling location, and a dude with a nightstick.

Just sayin’…..”  (read full article at link)


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