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Lame Duck Very Busy

It seems the Lame-Duck Session will never end as liberal policies surge through Congress like water gushes through fire-hoses trying to overpower the fire! 

Here are a few updates for you to contact your representatives/senators  about—bearing in mind that these issues could be “held” indefinitely or voted on before we know it!  Things seem to change by the minute!

“Dream Act” status:  Thank you to those of you who responded already to this one.  It appears to be “dead” in the Senate as Reid knows there are not enough votes for it to pass—at the moment!  As we all know, this needs vigilance because of its complexity and how much “fine print” is packed into it. 

Bush Tax “Cuts” Extension: (It’s really continuing the status quo—not really cuts of course!) This is  in limbo, but an ongoing issue—The Dems have added other things to this instead of just taking an up or down vote on it, including funding another 13 months of unemployment benefits (including those who will have already received them for 99 weeks—BUT STILL NOTHING FOR ANY INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS IN THE SAME DIRE STRAITS).  Scott Brown wrote alternative legislation with another senator to require extended benefits written into this bill to come from gov’t money “already available” instead of having these benefits “UNFUNDED” and ADD TO THE NATIONAL DEBT, but of course, the Dems don’t want that!  Other additions have been added which have nothing to do with the tax issue either. 

S.510 (food bill) has been “wrapped” inside HR3082, and is back in the House for consideration due to certain revenue-raising measures within the bill that the Senate passed (but actually can’t because revenue-raising measures have to come out of the House), so because of changes while in the House again, the original bill now has additional flaws.  Although the original bill does provide for some additional protection of our food supply, and was “modified” in the Senate to allow some protections to small farmers in this regard (similar to protections for small business as opposed to the “giants”); it still raises concerns regarding modified organisms, growth-enhancing antibiotics and hormones, and the factory farming of animals.  In addition, It also does not indicate from where the funding for 4000 new food inspectors will come—and as it is now part of HR3082, which is part of an appropriations bill meant to fund the Department of Veterans Affairs. (I’m all for supporting veterans issues, but as part of a “food bill”?!?!?!)

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”:  This policy affecting the military has 2 sides (like all others of course), but apparently Scott Brown has now come down on both sides of it.  He has reversed his original stance to NOT repeal, and is now reportedly in favor of repealing it.  This is an issue that may not be as clear cut as the others, but each of you may choose to weigh in on with the Senator.  On a news clip this week, I heard heads of some of the military branches weigh in for keeping the policy, but a couple weigh in against.  Again, this bill is not “simple” either; it has other issues included in it.  However, Senator Brown needs to hear from you if you have strong feelings on this bill—particularly if you want him to go back to his original decision to vote NO to repeal DADT.    More info. can be found on   Just use the search boxes for topic.

START Treaty:  This is one I’ve just begun to get myself up to speed on, but which behooves all of us to follow as it involves our country’s NATIONAL SECURITY—of VITAL importance.  According to Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) who is on the Foreign Relations Committee, this treaty would dangerously weaken U.S. security. Among other things, it would mean America would have to decrease it armaments to abide by treaty terms whereas Russia would be able to increase theirs under the same treaty terms.   Google “START Treaty 2010” and go to article by Jim DeMint.  Of course you can google more—there’s plenty out there, so I encourage you to do that and again, contact our Congressmen about this!

I’ve contacted several senators/reps. the past few weeks on numerous occasions concerning these issues.  Many lines were constantly busy and “mailboxes” full (email &/or fax then works!), but that simply indicated that if nothing else that they were being bombarded with calls!  Hopefully they were calls from many of us, and our own “networks” of Republicans intent upon having our voices heard from Massachusetts all the way down to DC!

 As usual, please pass this on to your own “network” of interested Republicans/conservatives!  

Looking forward to January,



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