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Get us the HELL off the “Omnibus” !!

OFTEN times someone else says it so on point, there is no reason to add ones own commentary.  Such is the case below, but please, NEVER, EVER forget what these same people did to us last year over the holidays (OBAMACARE instead of focusing on the much needed issues of the economy -stupid- and JOBS.  Here we go again as though Scott Brown, and then November, never happened!!!

Meanwhile, THIS should be posted to everyone’s Facebook Wall for the debate liberals won’t let us have because they just can’t defend the Obama Administration’s Record:

“Like a group of fiscal alcoholics knowing they are about to enter forced rehab on January 5th.”

Get us the HELL off the “Omnibus” !!

Like a group of fiscal alcoholics knowing they are about to enter forced rehab on January 5th.  The Democrat controlled Senate goes on a massive binge called The Omnibus Spending Bill.  Acting oblivious to the national outrage on fiscal irresponsibility, reckless spending, and insufferable earmarks, the drunken democrats are trying desperately to drown their sorrows with enough of your money to keep them intoxicated for the next fiscal year.   The bill contains almost 2,000 unread pages of spending, filled with over 6,000 individual earmarks.  

   The cost?  How about $1,100,000,000,000.00 (that’s $1.1 trillion) or $575,130,000.00 per page.  (That’s $575.13 million per page).   Ya’ think the alcoholic spending legislatures got a problem?   Not according to “bartender in chief” Harry Reid happily pouring, and calling all the shots.

The Washington Times  The bill contains hundreds of pork-barrel spending projects and new rules governing everything from airport baggage to detainees at the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

“We’re not through. Congress ends on Jan. 4,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat.

The omnibus spending bill is likely to get the most attention, spanning 1,924 pages and spending an average of $575.13 million per page.

It stands in contrast to the House, which last week passed a streamlined bill freezing fiscal 2011 government spending at 2010′s level. The Senate bill, though, boosts spending by $16 billion — a tough sell at a time when deficits and debt already are dominating the policy debate in Washington.

In some cases the spending bill not only rejects President Obama’s proposed cuts, it actually boosts spending. For example, Mr. Obama earlier this year told Congress to cut funding for the health and welfare package targeting Mississippi’s Delta region, which in 2010 received about $26 million. But the Senate bill includes funding and actually increases it to nearly $35 million in 2011.

Senators also picked up the slack for their House colleagues, whose bill was devoid of pork-barrel earmarks, by including House lawmakers’ requests in the Senate’s own bill.

Mr. Reid, though, said Congress will stay until he tries to tackle issues he says have been unfairly stalled by the GOP. “I hate to report all this to you — but you know, there’s still Congress after Christmas,” he told reporters. “So if the Republicans think that because they can stall and stall and stall that we take a break, we’re through, we’re not through.”

Read more from The Hill Including the names of several republicans (usual suspects) who are considering support. Looks like another “pass it to see what’s in it” December Surprise !!

A friend of mine in college, being experimentally foolish, took a hit of LSD (acid dots) during a party.  He had immediate regrets and began to question his stupidity.  He turned toward someone and said,  “I shouldn’t have done that…. what can I do now?”  The response he heard was was stoic and simple  “Once you get on the bus you cannot get off until the ride is over”.   That was correct.    This Omnibus spending reminds me of those words.  Once they pass this bill, nothing can be done, the spending trip begins,  the bus pulls away…….  No matter how angry, frustrated, and disregarded we feel, the bus still leaves to spend our money.


2 comments on “Get us the HELL off the “Omnibus” !!

  1. jm
    December 15, 2010

    This bill is OUTRAGEOUS, a clear cut DENIAL of the Democrats to “listen” to Americans (yet again) who said “ENOUGH” at the polls in November. Everyone of us needs to call or email his/her Senator IMMEDIATELY and tell them to vote NO on this monstrosity! J

  2. AllAlongTheWatchtower
    December 16, 2010

    All they had to do was extend 99 weeks of unemployment a bit longer, and pass the present tax rates for 2 years.
    How does this constitute passing a 2000-page bill that next to no one read? How irresponsible is that?
    This is why the Tea Party needs to throw out both Democrats and Republicans.
    This is ‘compromise’ at its ugliest worst.
    You SURE that you want to put your name to this monstrosity Senators Brown & Kerry?

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