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Reid Determined to Destroy another Christmas and more.

If anyone can shed light on this, please do so.  From every vantage point, it is hard to see how any of “US” can benefit, notwithstanding the fact that unions have the tendency to most benefit the worst performers.  (How often does the Officer of the Year need the union to defend him?).  Then there is always the argument that unions have long outlived their usefulness, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

Above and beyond the fact that the Federal Government is taking control of our bodies, our food, our privacy, our choices through TSA, the Food Bill (and the fact that they passed it unconstitutionally), spying on and searching us without warrants, dictating everything from what kind of cars we have to buy, to our healthcare, it is hard to fathom how having local police and fire personel can be improved by removing control from local government.  It is already next to impossible to get a bad police officer removed unless they  literally murder or rape someone and, even then, they must be convicted FIRST, and now this removes virtually all accountability from local officials.  In a more perfect world, local officials would be protecting “us” from misconduct or abuse.  Under Reid’s proposed scenario local officials won’t even have authority of these departments for budgetary purposes.  If there is some justification for this bill that Congress/Reid et al is determined to force on us, please chime in below.  If you can think of none, PLEASE make the appropriate calls to STOP it. 

Let us  never forget what these people gave us LAST CHRISTMAS.  Seems they’re trying to make this Christmas even worse.  They need to hear from you!

We must be ready to fight back with everything we’ve got.

Harry Reid is doubling-down on his threats to ram through one Big Government power grab after another in the “lame duck” Congress.

Reid has even ominously warned that he might keep the Senate in session all the way through the New Year to force through his pork-laden, Trillion Dollar 1,924-page omnibus budget and special-interest giveaways.

Meanwhile top union bosses, more desperate for payback than ever, have announced they are “working to resurrect” the Police and Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill (S. 3991) in the coming weeks!

That’s why it’s absolutely vital you contact your U.S. Senator Scott Brown.

Please, call Senator Scott Brown at 202-224-4543 immediately and insist he oppose Harry Reid’s cynical tricks and out-of-control “lame duck” agenda.

1. Ask Senator Brown to insist Harry Reid use what little time remains in the 111th Congress to do NO MORE than pass a continuing resolution to “keep the government funded” through January.

>>> Show him that concerned citizens like you do not support this renegade “lame duck” Congress or any scheme to ram through a massive spending bill that is chock-full of earmarks (including a $1 million gift to the AFL-CIO), year-long funding for Obamacare and all its goodies for the union bosses, and many other union-boss payoffs experts believe are buried in its nearly 2,000 pages.

2. Urge Senator Brown to oppose S. 3991 (or any other version of the Police and Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill) on all votes, including cloture, if Harry Reid pushes it to the floor again.

You see, Big Labor is turning up the heat on Capitol Hill for another vote on S. 3991 after Harry Reid’s failed attempt last week to shut off debate on the bill.

But now the union bosses think they can apply enough pressure to the right Senators to ram their power grab through once and for all.

Big Labor’s high command knows that a handful of Republicans — including Senator Brown — have backed earlier versions of the Police and Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill but disagreed with Harry Reid’s timing last week.

With the tax bill out of the way, and Harry Reid willing to stretch out the “lame duck” session to do their bidding, the union chiefs think they have another chance.

The American people rejected pro-forced unionism incumbents on Election Day and do not support the Reid-Pelosi “lame duck” Congress passing a last-minute fiscal poison pill that could cripple the budgets for states, cities, and small communities already struggling to make ends meet.

Please, take a moment to Senator Scott Brown at 202-224-4543. Urge him to oppose — on all votes, including cloture — another attempt to ram through the Police and Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill (S. 3991).

And while you are at it, insist he oppose Harry Reid’s Trillion Dollar omnibus budget.

As the time left in the “lame duck” winds down, the desperation of Harry Reid and his union-boss benefactors ramps up.

Act now before it’s too late.


Mark Mix

P.S. The union bosses are “working to resurrect” the Police and Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill (S. 3991).

Not only that, Harry Reid has threatened to extend his renegade “lame duck” session to ram through a pork-laden Trillion Dollar budget — which even includes a million dollar earmark for the AFL-CIO!

Please, take a moment to call Senator Scott Brown at 202-224-4543 immediately and insist he oppose Harry Reid’s cynical tricks and out-of-control “lame duck” agenda, including any renewed push for S. 3991.


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