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Going into the New Year

Please pardon the absence of posts during this busy time.  It seems our lame ducks were very busy and kept us running in circles to try and defeat more bills than they’ve attempted all year.  Well that’s just how it seems anyway, and the 112th Congress cannot come soon enough. At the same time, if we don’t hit the ground running and get organized for 2012 it will be as bad as November 2nd, so get ready for much to go on in the ensuing months.

Meanwhile, here’s from someone who has not rested, and for that we should all be grateful.  Have a Happy New Year, and let’s get ready to fight for our country:

Hi everyone, 

Hope you’re all enjoying some “down-time” during this period of holiday cheer—with the exception of the “holiday cheer” we all recently cleaned off our driveways/front walks!

GOOD NEWS for the New Year:

                The NEW HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES is reportedly planning to READ THE CONSTITUTION at the OPENING OF CONGRESS on JANUARY 5THYEAH!!!  Let’s hope it stays a FOCAL point of all    future legislation!

On a less positive note:

                Just so we don’t get too complacent now that the lame-duck’s squawking has finally stopped, here are several  issues to keep your eye on as Jan. 1 approaches.

“DEATH PANELS” RESURECTED—now in new Social Security Reform: Bet you’ve seen the new TV ads Social Security is running, highlighting how the “new health care law” is going to “take care of you” as a senior when you land in the “doughnut hole” (another complex calculation regarding prescription drugs);  but bet you haven’t heard Soc. Sec. advertising that this law also says that every year “seniors”  are supposed to be “advised” by their doctors about how expensive it will be to keep them alive under this health care plan!  If you heard Tammy Bruce (sitting in for Laura Ingraham this AM)or watched Fox news Mon. night,  you know that according to a northwest congressman’s memo, this provision was quietly inserted into “Social Security Reform”, after being “stripped” out of “ObamaCare” hoping it would not receive wide attention that might cause it to be REPEALED!!!!     By the way, if you object to Soc. Sec. spending YOUR money to advertise on TV & radio (especially “questionably biased” ads), you should call them and let them know—AND KEEP LETTING YOUR LEGISLATORS KNOW YOU WANT “OBAMACARE” REPEALEDas well as the “Death Panel” Provision NOW IN Soc. Sec. “reform”!!

START Treaty “URGENCY”: Remember how we heard it was SO important to address/vote on this Treaty SO quickly—it couldn’t wait for New Congress to debate/vote on—well, it has NOT been ratified by Russia.  The Russians indicated that the Treaty was SUCH an important/complicated document that they needed more time to evaluate/discuss it, so they decided to wait till next month to vote on it.  (source: WRKO Mon. AM)

S.510 (food bill/food safety bill):  This thing really won’t go away!  The House slid it into yet another bill the last day or so of the lame duck.  It is now in H.R. 2751 and STILL doesn’t necessarily make our food any safer, just over-regulates and spends—again!  We need to KEEP asking Congress to repeal or at least defund.  “Citizens for Health” are working on this already.  Check with their website.

FCC Title II Regulation of Internet:  Watch carefully!  This did NOT have to go through Congress, however, new House Representative Cliff Sterns (R-FL) will be addressing this issue (and has vowed to overturn the regulation) as the new Chair of the Energy & Commerce Committee’s Oversight Subcommittee.  He believes that internet regulation is out of FCC’s jurisdiction and can only be regulated by Congress—furthermore he believes that such regulation may hamper growth and job creation.

NATIONAL DEBT—GOV’T. SPENDING & WASTE:  Senator Tom Coburn, Dr. (R- OK) spoke on Fox recently admonishing our country that it probably had only a few years’ “window” to get the national debt under control or we would see the “middle class” as we know it DISAPPEAR.  There’s a “clock” on his website homepage ticking off the rising national debt by the SECOND—a “reality check/jolt” for sure!    His website also has a link to “Wastebook 2010” a new oversight report on wasteful gov.’t spending—A MUST READ!!! By the way, on his website he credits the AMERICAN PEOPLE along with Senator McConnell (R-KY) and Senate appropriators with the defeat of the “Omnibus Bill”, so WE HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE with our calls/emails/faxes even if we do live in Massachusetts

If you still have any doubt about how much wasteful spending goes on in DC, you can also take a look at Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) website  that’s been up & running since last spring—a wealth of information AND the opportunity to “VOTE” on a “CUT” you’d like to see happen! Thousands have already done so, and although all cuts were turned down by the “old” House, the “new” House will hopefully see things entirely differently!

Let’s also hope that our “newbies” in Washington will immediately begin the Herculean task that awaits them on all fronts; most importantly getting rid of wasteful spending and getting Americans back to work.  REPEAL & DEFUND should become common household words in the near future!   See the Heritage Foundation’s website for a “review” of the lame duck session if you were too busy with pre-holiday preparations to keep up with it all! 

There are also rumblings across the media that the executive office is contemplating pushing agenda through executive orders if unable to sway the new Congress like it has the last 2 years.  This is something that should concern everyone and keep us vigilant!

That’s it for now!

 Best wishes for a happy & healthy new year to all!


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2 comments on “Going into the New Year

  1. mike meehan
    December 31, 2010

    How do WE go about ending the power of these ” lame ducks ” in the “””limp dick session “””” ?

    Let me know. I do not have a lot of money. But, I live on a high traffic road that is primarily travelled by working Americans.
    If you can’t produce the signs to get the the message out, I will be more than happy to make them myself.
    Sincerely, Mike Meehan “Patriot”.

  2. jm
    January 3, 2011

    Happy New Year–and happy it is to start with the 112th Congress opening this week! According to media reports, one of the first tasks the Republicans will take on is the attempt to REPEAL OBAMACARE (which may have to be done piece by piece), or AT LEAST DEFUND it! Let’s hope that this is only the FIRST STEP in getting this country back on the path to LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS that our forefathers so wisely set for us.
    Don’t misunderstand, there’s much more work to be done, but this should be the start of it and we should all be willing to help make it happen. So if in the past, you contacted your Senators and House Representatives about the issues they should NOT vote for, or reprimanded them for “bad choices” when they voted; then it’s even MORE IMPORTANT that you not only CONTINUE to do that, but that IN ADDITION, you contact them about issues they SHOULD vote for, and LET THEM KNOW RIGHT AWAY THAT YOU ARE PLEASED THEY ARE READY TO DO “THE PEOPLE’S WORK” AND THAT THEY HAVE LISTENED TO YOUR VOICE!
    Keep letting them know what they have done RIGHT or WRONG because if “we the people” get too complacent, they can also get complacent and drop the ball.
    If you need some “inspiration” as this new year and new Congress begins, go to (a production by the Heritage Foundation–which can also be accessed directly on their website) and watch/listen to the video there by the same title! Let’s re-energize right now and get ready for 2012!

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