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It’s Not ALL About Politics

UPDATE:  Boston-Area Child Received 9-Year-Old Ariz. Shooting Victim’s OrgansChristina-Taylor Green’s Father Revealed That a Boston-Area Child Received Daughter’s Organs


How it SHOULD be dealt with:

An Appeal for Kindness and Empathy ….

At a little over 10 am on clear, sunny day, the 8th of January, 2011, at a suburban strip plaza in Tucson, AZ, a deranged and unstable individual opened fire at Congressional Representative Gabrielle Giffords and other bystanders, killing six and seriously wounded at least twelve others, including Rep Giffords, who, at the time of this writing, continues to cling to life.

The weapon deployed in this tragic and senseless act . . .

. . . It is time to express our sorrow and offer words of soothing and empathy to the families of the victims, and to offer our prayers for the healing of the injured, and to offer solace to those who had to witness such tragedy unfold.

It is a time to also open our hearts to the parents of this troubled young man.

It is a time for all of us to be bigger people and to mourn as one. Instead of this event diminishing and dividing us, we need to come together.

The sad marker of the events of January 8th should not be poisoned discourse.

One of the victims was a beautiful nine year old little girl, Christine Taylor Green, who was born on Sept 11, 2001.

9-11 was also a day of profound, heart-rending tragedy, but also a day when the entire nation, indeed, the entire world, stood as one to condemn evil and senseless violence.

It would be truly sorrowful if the closing of the chapter in the book of life on Earth of Christine Taylor Green, one of the “50 Faces of Hope”, post 9-11, also marked the day that extinguished the flame of civility and empathy and the ability to rise above partisanship to join together as one to comfort and console.


One comment on “It’s Not ALL About Politics

  1. integrity1st
    January 12, 2011

    The Hateful Left
    Where incendiary political rhetoric truly resides in America
    By Andrew Klavan

    The Left’s sudden talk about incendiary political rhetoric in the wake of the Arizona shooting isn’t really about political rhetoric at all. It’s about the real-world failure of leftist policies everywhere—the bankrupting of nations and states by greedy unions and unfundable social programs, the destruction of inner cities by identity politics, and the appeasement of Muslim extremists in the face of worldwide jihad, not to mention the frequently fatal effects of delirious environmentalism. Europe is in debt and on fire. American citizens are in political revolt. Even the most left-wing president ever is making desperate overtures to his right.

    But all that might be tolerable to leftists if they weren’t starting to lose control of the one weapon in which they have the most faith: the narrative. The narrative is what leftists believe in instead of the truth. If they can blame George W. Bush for the economic crisis, if they can make Sarah Palin out to be an idiot, if they can call the Tea Party racist until you think it must be true, they might yet retain power in spite of the international disgrace of their ideas. And though they still mostly dominate the narrative on the three broadcast networks, most cable stations, most newspapers, and much of Hollywood, nonetheless Fox News, talk radio, the Internet, and the Wall Street Journal have begun to respond in ways they can’t ignore.

    That’s the hateful rhetoric they’re talking about: conservatives interrupting the stream of leftist invective in order to dismantle their arguments with the facts. As for leftists’ reaction to the Arizona shooting, call it Narrative Hysteria: a frantic attempt to capitalize on calamity by casting their opponents, not merely as racist or sexist or Islamophobic this time, but as somehow responsible for an act of madness and evil. Shame on them.

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