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Obamacare CAN be repealed in the Senate

IT ONL17 June 2009 - Washington, DC - Senators on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee begins mark-up consideration on the Kennedy Health Care bill. The bill which may cost over a trillion dollars is being debated by both sides of the Senate committee.Y TAKES ONE (1) SENATOR to REPEAL OBAMACARE

Once the Senate receives the bill, any Senator can use Rule 14 to object to the second reading of the bill. This procedural objection will “hold at the desk” the House-passed bill and  allow  the  Senate to  act  on  the  full  repeal measure . . . 

Any Senator can use Rule 22 to commence  debate  on  H.R. 2  if  they have held the bill at the desk. . .

If the supporters of a full repeal of Obamacare don’t use the Senate’s rules to force a vote on full repeal, don’t take them seriously when they say they really want to repeal President Obama’s de facto government takeover of health care.


This chart helps depict what the over 2,400 pages of the bill is going to do and how it is going to work.  To facilitate a more thorough understanding of something that will have a profound effect on everyone’s healthcare and future, distribute and display this poster in your businesses, school, doctors’ offices, hospitals, medical buildings, everywhere you can because it will affect everybody.
Each line on the chart includes the actual statute number, embedded for all to see, as it correlates and is delineated in the actual bill. 
You cannot, however, read these and other specifics and important details without viewing it in poster size.  36 x 40 inch posters are available for $5.00 a piece by emailing .  They can also be purchased laminated, and/or mounted for $10.00 each.  Please help to distribute these and alert people to the disaster of this bill, and contact your Senators today and demand that it be repealed.

One comment on “Obamacare CAN be repealed in the Senate

  1. AllAlongTheWatchtower
    January 23, 2011

    Democrats should be reminded, that if Harry Reid were (in the unlikely case) to kill the 67 vote filibuster rule, that it actually could make it harder for their party to delay a subsequent actual vote.

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