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Speaking of Insurance. . .

The Republican led state legislature wants New Hampshire to join the lawsuit with 27 other states, and New Hampshire’s Attorney General, Michael Delaney, is unwilling to do so.  Because of this, the state Senate has just passed a bill which would require the Attorney General to join the lawsuit by a 19-3 vote.


RomneycareA Double Failure and a Billion-Dollar Overrun

… The Massachusetts plan was supposed to accomplish two things-achieve universal health insurance coverage while controlling costs. As Romney wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “Every uninsured citizen in Massachusetts will soon have affordable health insurance and the costs of health care will be reduced.” In reality, the plan has done neither.

Perhaps the most publicized aspect of the Massachusetts reform is its mandate that every resident have health insurance, whether provided by an employer or the government or purchased individually. “I like mandates,” Romney said during a debate in New Hampshire. “The mandate works.” But did it?

…             Such a mandate was, of course, a significant infringement on individual choice and liberty. As the Congressional Budget Office noted, the mandate was “unprecedented,” and represented the first time that a state has required that an individual, simply because they live in a state and for no other reason, must purchase a specific government- designated product.         … It was also a failure.


 MAIA Files Bill Protecting Consumers Against

Unfair Auto Insurance Rating Practices

Credit scores, education, and occupation have no place in determining a driver’s auto insurance premium. Managed competition has brought new players to the Massachusetts auto insurance marketplace that are notorious for relying on socio-economic factors such as these to make underwriting and rate-setting decisions. This practice is unfair, discriminatory, and unreliable.  Auto insurance premiums should be based, as much as possible, on an individual‟s driving record and years of driving experience. MAIA has asked the Legislature to make sure this remains so in Massachusetts. Senator Michael Rodrigues (D-Westport) has filed MAIA‟s bill, AN ACT BANNING THE USE OF CERTAIN SOCIO-ECONOMIC FACTORS FOR INSURANCE UNDERWRITING AND RATING OF MOTOR VEHICLE LIABILITY INSURANCE, 

that will protect hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts consumers against unfair and discriminatory practices. Many Senators and Representatives have already signed on to this bill as co-sponsors.  But, MAIA needs your help! Quincy consideration and passage of this bill would be helped by additional co-sponsors.Please email your State Senator and Represen tative today and ask them to sign on to MAIA‟s bill by contacting the lead sponsor, Senator Michael Rodrigues at 617-722-1114 before February 4th.After reading the ACTION ALERT, scroll down to Field 1, “Compose Message,” to view the message that will be sent and type in your name. Then, in Field 2, “Sender Information,” type in the appropriate information that is required as indicated by the * asterisk. Then, click the „SEND MESSAGE” button only once. The message will automatically be sent to your Senator and Representative based upon the information you provided. You will receive a confirmation showing the names of your Senator and Representative to whom your email was sent. Click here to begin.If you need further assistance, you can contact Dan Foley at the MAIA offices by phone at 800.972.9312 or 508.634.2900 or by email at


2 comments on “Speaking of Insurance. . .

  1. sosmass
    January 22, 2011

    CHT Unveils New Wall Chart:
    1,968 New & Expanded Secretarial Powers Under the Health Reform Law
    | PDF | Press Release

    A new chart by the Center for Health Transformation reveals the unprecedented 1,968 new and expanded powers given to Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius under the health reform law. From powers over access to drugs and insurance coverage to care delivery processes and changes to Medicare, the chart reveals the 1,968 grants of new and expanded powers to the secretaries of Departments of Labor, Treasury and Health and Human Services. The overwhelming majority, however, will fall under HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Examples of the 1,968 new and expanded powers include:

    •The Secretary will now identify, as appropriate, categories and classes of drugs that the Secretary determines are of “clinical concern” (Section 3307);
    •The Secretary will decide how drugs are dispensed in long-term care facilities (Section 3310);
    •The Secretary will develop oral healthcare components, including “tooth-level surveillance,” a clinical examination of every dental surface in the mouth (Section 4102);
    •The Secretary may establish insurance premium ratings for states (Section 1201);
    •The Secretary may conduct comparative effectiveness research (Section 6301).

  2. Mal Kimball Jr.
    January 24, 2011

    Here again our Government allows AG’s and other Government Officials to get involved in the Personal Lives and Treatments of the Resident Taxpayer, for which they have NO EXPERTISE ! ~ Big Brother .. does it sound familiar. The Government keeps gatting bigger and the Private Sector keeps getting smaller all the while our taxes and fees continue to pay grow weekly !!

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