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Ground Report from GOP Grassroots Conference

One word would describe the first Annual GOP Grassroots Conference – FANTASTIC. 

This viewpoint comes from an attendee with little to no prior exposure to the world of the GOP, but much interest in doing what can be done to Save Our State of Massachusetts. 

There were over 400 people in attendance at the conference held in Milford.  A multitude of programs spanned from the Friday night mixer, culminating with a Sunday buffet lunch off sight, (that was the only thing not included in the $50.00 attendence fee).  It was truly one of the biggest bangs for a buck that could be conceived, and the organizers could not have provided for a more fulfilling program, or more options for the attendees to pursue.  Additionally, the organizers bent over backwards for individuals’ needs and schedules, maximizing the benefits of this conference even further!

Republican meeting 3The opportunity to network among fellow activists was unsurpassed, but even more impressive was the lineup and accessibility of the speakers.  Everyone from our newly elected, and veteran State Representatives, Senators, NationalState and Town GOP Organizers to Michelle McPhee[1] and Todd Feinburg from WRKO, as well as other talk show hosts from other stations were there.  All were readily accessible, and eager to help in the mission to Save Our State of Massachusetts

Best of all, this conference is probably the biggest indication that the Mass GOP has thRepublican meeting 1e potential to create its own “machine” to compete against the Democrats’ machine, which will prove instrumental for victory in the upcoming elections in 2012 and beyond. 

From as far as this attendee could tell, this entire conference ran without a hitch, like a well-greased and oiled machine.  May this be a foretelling of the many more good things to come, and just the beginning of the GOP’s efforts along these lines.  It is certain that people would readily pay twice the amount for the next conference of this nature, and still consider it a huge bang for the buck, but moreover, there are hundreds more dedicated and hardworking activists that did not attend this either because of schedule conflicts or because they were unsure of its relevance to them – – – until now.  A repeat performance of this conference in the fall should be a top priority as it is sure to draw hundreds more, and would go a long way to generating and perpetuating the energy needed to continue to network, grow, and unite this effort.  Hopefully that can be considered a strong possibility as word spreads of the tremendous success of this conference.

Finally, for all the heat and pressure the Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party Jennifer A. Nassour has been under, if this is an example of her leadership and direction for the party going forward, it is a job well done, and leadership we can believe in.  

Republican meeting 2All pictures by John Thornton, for Wicked local and Daily News
Kristi Devine (West Newbury) and Michael Scully of Grafton listen to the speeches during the Massachusetts Republican Winter Conference, Saturday in Milford.

[1] This author had the pleasure of sitting with Michelle and Todd, and their significant others at dinner before their excellent entertainment commenced.  Because of my personal experience and knowledge of Public Corruption that extends well into our “Justice System”, I want to acknowledge Michelle McPhee for being at the forefront of commenting on the corruption of our judiciary due to the lack of accountability and transparency.  Because I believe the problem to go to the heart of corruption in government in general, and our state in particular, I believe that any effort to take back our state is dependant on fixing this first and foremost.  Simply put, fundamental to addressing public corruption on any level is ridding it from our judiciary by making accountability and transparency therein our first priority.

As an outrageous case in point to the horror and damage those clothed in black robes can wreak on our society under “cover of law”, I refer you to THISjudges sending innocent children to prison for profit.  While it did not occur in Mass, scenarios of varying degrees similar to this occur daily in our courts across Massachusetts.  I know, I’ve seen it, and it must be stopped before we can rely on the judiciary to hold other public officials accountable.  Judicial Accountability is at the heart of stopping fraud, and saving billions in the fraud, waste, and injustice that permeate our state.

4 comments on “Ground Report from GOP Grassroots Conference

  1. jm
    February 8, 2011

    It certainly sounds like this conference was well worth the time and cost! I wish I could have attended, but a schedule conflict prevented that from happening. I certainly hope something similar is repeated in the fall for those of us who couldn’t attend this weekend–as growing the MA GOP numbers, network, and campaign strategies for winnig in the next election will be critical to Save Our State.

  2. integrity1st
    February 8, 2011

    @ JM, my thoughts exactly. This is just the sort of thing we need to keep uniting and growing our numbers to have any chance of success in 2012. I know so many people that would have gone to this, but didn’t know. There’s a lot of activists out there that are just getting involved, not the people already in the loop. It’s going to come down to us all working in unison for the same goal, and this sounds like a good way to get us there, and give us direction.

    • jm
      February 8, 2011

      @integrity1st–I agree that reaching more people with information is exactly what we all need to be doing right now. Perhaps besides posting information on this SOSMASS website and including it in “political blogs” that some of us are writing to a generally small group of people (“base”) we can continue growing that base by using some of the following methods: ask already active & interested folks to forward general info. as well as conference and/or meeting info. on to as many others possible whom they think might be interested (for them to forward on again–the “snowball effect”), contact and ask local town/city Republican Committees about effective ways to “spread the word” regarding these types of conferences and meetings (calls, emails, etc. to registered Republican voters perhaps?), and contacting local college student Republican groups (many in the area have them) to build “youth involvement”. I’m sure each one of us can think of many other ways to keep spreading information and expanding our numbers and involvement to get this state back on track because communicating and learning are critical to prepare for the 2012 elections!

  3. Cynthia Stead
    February 8, 2011

    I’m really glad the poster came, and I’m extra glad that you made this post.

    I am the Secretary of the party, and I have to say this is one of the best events in years, better than the convention imo. We need activists and independents to support the GOP, and we need to make friends rather than throw bombs at one another.

    I’ve been secretary since 2008, and even during my short tenure there has been a turn-over in state committee members of about 1/3. The stereotype we get branded with so often really isn’t true, but nobody tries to find out if it is before calling names.

    It’s like people who say they don’t write letters to the Editor because they won’t publish them – if you don’t write, how do you know? You don’t go to Mass GOP events because you’ll be shunned and not listened to – if you never attend, how do you know?

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