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Coakley on Public Corruption & Fraud

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      Attorney General Martha Coakley announced she’s going to crack down on public corruption.   Throughout her campaign for re-election she stated she had  prosecuted 40 cases of public corruption, (an average ten cases per year), a seemingly low number considering the widespread corruption known in all levels of government, but the AG’s commitment to increase her focus on it is a start.
          Coakley announced Wednesday she is creating a task force to focus on public corruption that has permeated the Massachusetts political establishment.  Also this week,  Coakley was on 96.9 Boston Talks when a call-in offered to work for the AG’s office “for free” to assist in going after the rampant public corruption the caller claimed to be aware of.  The THE ACCUSATIONS The report suggested that L’Esperance had sex with three women in exchange for drugs, money, and other favors.caller referenced the recent case of Salisbury, Mass. Police Chief  David L’Esperance who was stripped of his badge and gun, and then abruptly retired before answering questions from an investigator.  Citing that the police chief was accused of criminal activities ranging from drugs, sex, theft and more the caller stated that she had contacted the AG’s office more than five years ago, before Coakley’s time, attempting to expose and stop this corruption, and was ignored.  Emphasizing that this situation is just a fraction of the corruption known to her, the caller expressed her eagerness to help Coakley because she had gone to every law enforcement agency in Massachusetts trying to get someone to investigate.  Coakley responded that she “… didn’t see any reason not to, because this is exactly the type of thing we are looking for.”
Arrangements were made for the caller to contact the AG’s office, and assuming things go as planned the caller could very well lend a hand in what is said to be

” …the most damning pattern of abuses of police power seen in this region.”  

A 31-page document describes, in part, the criminal activity of the former Chief which has since been handed over to the FBI and DA’s office.  The investigator says that former Salisbury Police Chief exchanged drugs and money for sex with known criminals, falsified police records, improperly interfered in arrests and committed numerous other serious violations of his duty.

In coffee shops and blogs townspeople are demanding answers, and some go as far as demanding the resignation of  the town manager, Harrington who is quoted:  “This is very disappointing to me as the person who hired L’Esperance . . . “But we took action, and we’re ready to move on.”  Many are not ready to move on and insist the investigation be expanded and done by someone with no connections to anyone suspected of being involved.  Already this has broadened to a second officer being scrutinized, and suggestions that every criminal case bearing L’Esperance’s name should be re-evaluated.  L’Esperance’s involvement with the courts is also likely to come under scrutiny as he was the Court Liason for West Newbury for many years prior to becoming the Police Chief in Salisbury, and in that capacity he heavily influenced, if not outright controlled what was and was not prosecuted in that court.

Due to the ever stunning and expanding new developments in this case, it has been moved to a page of its own.  To access SEE Corrupt Chief of Police link at top of page under Masthead. 

Town Manager Neil Harrington reveals contents of Investigation. 

Investigation reveals: 

association with criminal offenders, sexual relations in return for money or drugs, interference with justice, instructing prosecutors to give special considerations to criminals, squashed actions that could be taken against criminals, altered official police reports, released certain criminals during an arrest, took items from crime scenes including money and property, falsified documents to the FBI


The caller was successful in meeting with two State Troopers from the AG’s office regarding L’Esperance, the very day Salisbury Selectmen had scheduled to meet with outraged citizens that night.  For the entire public meeting visit this link:

The caller has heard from no one from the AG’s office since with the exception of a letter received from that office stating they were not going to investigate the case involving L’Esperance further, “not due to lack of merit, but because of the volume of other cases” handled by the AG.

As far as the caller’s offer to work for the AG for free to assist with public corruption, the caller left contact information several times and has not been called back though still hopes to hear from someone in the near future.

For latest news on L’Esperance visit:

SOSMass invites the AG’s office, and anyone else to submit stories or information on any and all cases of Public Corruption in the state of MA that have either been prosecuted, are being pursued, or require an investigation.  They can either be sent directly to or submitted via comments on the page.  Thank you for any assistance in this very critical matter.


14 comments on “Coakley on Public Corruption & Fraud

  1. Sir
    January 29, 2011

    As usual the most ineffective and incompetent Attorney General arrives too late with too little. She is attempting to gain favor after the Federal conviction of the obnoxious perjurer and crook, Chuck Turner – a successful prosecution she was uninvolved with. In a time of fiscal austerity she employs at taxpayer expense six Press Secretaries to tout her non-accompliishments.
    The Chief Law Emforcement officer in the Commonwealth received zero Police endorsements in her Senate campaign – not one ! This nitwit insisted that Curt Schilling played for the Yankees.
    God save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    • Integrity1st
      January 29, 2011

      Dear Sir, the alternative is to not even attempt or pressure her to go after Public Corruption. It is too widespread for us not to ‘try’ and get her to address it. Please help = )

  2. Sir
    January 29, 2011

    If you did not support Jim McKenna in the last election than you are a part of the problem !

  3. bettyboop
    January 30, 2011

    Attorney General Martha Coakley announced she’s going to crack down on public corruption

    Well we need you here..ASAP
    Salisbury, Mass. Police Chief David L’Esperance

  4. sosmass
    January 30, 2011

    Someone sent this in to the site administrators, and they thought it worthy of posting for all the victims of David L’Esperance. It was posted in the blogs of a related article in the Newburyport Daily News a few hours ago:

    anuthakindablue says:
    Day after day I have quietly sat back and read the hundreds of entries here, with each one more devastating than the last. Comparatively speaking it is much like a horror movie, with my hands over my eyes ’wanting’ to look but at times struggling to do so. I have read all of them with utter disbelief, shock, amazement and disappointment, in the end feeling great sadness for the many victims. If not for the Name and/or Identity scrawled over 31 pages of an Investigative Report, detailing revolting events and unethical behavior, I would have found it difficult to accept it’s authenticity (as it pertains) to the ’Subject.’

    You see, I have known “Dave” for many many years, albeit over the last 20 or so years (geographically speaking) from a distance. Although I consider myself a very good judge of character, I was oblivious to his behavior that clearly was ‘hiding’ just below the surface. The enormity of his deceit and undeniably intense and ‘deliberate dedication’ to betrayal has not gone unnoticed by those ‘closest to me‘ as they too were not beyond his reach. Despite the Geographic’s he has simultaneously betrayed us all. He has forfeited his ’privilege’ to be among those of us who have ‘earned’ a high level of Respect and Success,
    the betrayal runs deep!

    To those of you who’s lives have been so adversely affected – It is my sincere hope all of you will be supplied with the resources necessary to rebuild your Lives’ and your Town. No Parent should be burdened with ’explaining’ such despicable conduct to their Children.

    And to you Dave: Regrettably…I afforded you the Honor!

  5. integrity1st
    January 31, 2011

    With all that is coming to light with Salisbury Police Chief L’Esperance, no investigation can be complete without a framework similar to Operation Greylord, which convicted a judge of fixing three murder cases, and lead to a total of 92 people indicted, including 17 judges, 48 lawyers, ten deputy sheriffs, eight policemen, eight court officials, and a member of the Legislature. Martha Coakley, we desparately need you to help us to achieve this. The sooner the better. It is that bad out there.,0,4025843.story

  6. Sir
    January 31, 2011

    Don’t bet on it !

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  8. dennis
    February 9, 2011

    David L’Esperance’s brother Vic L’Esperance, manager of Security and Emergency Planning at the MWRA is an active democrat and verified contributor to Coakley’s campaigns. Don’t hold your breath waiting for an investigation.

  9. Napoleon
    February 16, 2011

    If only we could put faith in what she said. Were her lips moving when she said all this?Any time I see an article posted by the Office of Campaign Finance there is the statement that non compliance will result in seeking action by the Attorneys Generals office. Must make them all quake in their boots.

    Where was her office when complaints came in on Chuck Turner?
    Where was her office on Salisbury’s Lesperance? What about the Haverhill EMT’s or the Lawrence Deputy Police Chief ? Wow three in Essex county set up a satelite office.
    Its not Curt Schilling from the Yankees pitching here. So get up to bat and take a swing at at one.

  10. angler
    February 16, 2011

    I have been trying to get some one to assist me for over a year now, regarding corruption in Amesburys police department I have been to the A.G’S office,F.B.I , Essex county’s D.A’S office, Massachusetts Ethics Commission and the Massachusetts U.S Attorney’s office .I also contacted the Department of Justice, Governor’s office ,The Senate President,Local Senator ,Local Congressman and The Mayor of Amesbury . I can’t get anyone to investigate even thought I have plenty of proof and other witnesses .Doe’s any one have any advise where to go from here ? I don’t have a problem traveling to Washington. Please help.When I go back to these agency and ask for copies of reports made regarding these complaint they fail to provide me with them or any proof that these complaints are being recorded and reported. The only proof I have are the denial letters from some of these agency’s.This is America and people are suppose to have rights. I am in fear to live in My own home some one please help.

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