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Liberating Our Economy to Help Create New Jobs

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Nationally:  A more detailed  “update” than I could give is below, so I’m not going to attempt to “re-invent the wheel”! (For even more detail, go to the “links” indicated there.)

 Additionally though, I will mention that the “debt ceiling” and spending cuts to the budget will be issues to watch this week in Congress.  “ The Hill” reported today that  2 “Blue Dog Democrats” in the House might NOT back an increase to the debt ceiling unless that vote is teamed with spending cuts”. They are Reps. Mike Ross (D-Ark.) and Dan Boran (D-Okla.), the Co-chair and Whip respectively of the Blue Dog Coalition.  Although both believe there will be serious consequences if the debt limit is not raised, Ross told Fox news that “We’ve got to pay our bills, but we’re not going to do it unless we see significant cuts to the out-of-control spending in Washington.” 

A quick email/phone call/fax to encourage these 2 “Blue Dogs” to continue to work with the Republicans for fiscally responsible solutions for the country (AND to request that they encourage their colleagues to do the same) might be in order here!  At the same time, contacting Rep. Markey to join Ross & Boran in their thinking might also be a good idea!

 On The State “Homefront”:  Unemployment and Jobs is the title of an article on  which profiles a report by the “Pioneer Institute” affiliated with the Mass High Tech Council that indicates MA Unemployment Insurance is the most costly in the nation, and the most generous, in relation to eligibility and duration.  It also finds it to be an “inhibitor to job creation”.  After reading this, you may want to contact your local state Representatives and Senators to cite some facts from the report and let them know it’s time for UI REFORM in this state!

While on the SOSMASS website you can also brush up on what seem to be never-ending stories of corruption at state level that prove once more that this state is in dire need of change with 2012 elections—more “talking points” for any of your friends who are not yet convinced of the need to vote out the Beacon Hill crowd who’ve long  over stayed their welcome!  Scroll down to articles entitled, “What Gives Cops a Bad Name” and “Coakley Pledges Crackdown on Corruption, Fraud”.  You may also find some interesting reading in other articles on the site, including  “positive” ones about the recent GOP Grassroots Conference in Milton, MA and several fine birthday tributes to former Pres. Ronald Reagan.

LOCALLY:  Let us (those of us who are “Winchesterites”) not forget that there is YET ANOTHER OVERRIDE  on the town’s spring ballot in MARCH!  No matter what your vote was in the special election in January (that cost the town extra money to run) please think hard about whether you want to see the town PASS ANOTHER OVERRIDE — JUST 2 MONTHS AFTER THE LAST!  Some issues are absolutely more critical than others, and I’m all for retaining Winchester’s high educational standards, but as we all know statistics can be gathered and interpreted any number of ways—and often are in political situations—even at local levels; SO is it time to ask if we are being caught up in the same type of “gotta have” budget process that we all deplore so much on Beacon Hill & Capitol Hill?  If we’re voting to go OVER budget, WHERE ARE THE CUTS TO BALANCE THE OVER-SPENDING???  After all, the money spent at ALL levels is coming out of the SAME pockets—yours and mine—and I think most of us would agree at this point that there’s not a whole lot left jingling around in there! 

GOOD NEWS—the snow’s melting!!!

Thoughts pending,



From: Speaker Alert []
Subject: Liberating Our Economy to Help Create New Jobs

Speaker of the House John Boehner
Liberating Our Economy to Help Create New Jobs


February 15, 2011 | Post by Speaker Boehner’s Press Office | Permalink
On Thursday night at CPAC 2011, Speaker Boehner discussed the new majority’s commitment to creating a better environment for job creation by liberating our economy from the shackles of debt, excessive regulations, and over-taxation. Boehner noted that this week the House will vote to cut $100 billion in spending over the next seven months – with more cuts to come. Read more about the past week below and check out Boehner’s remarks to CPAC here:


Stopping the Washington Regulatory Assault on Small Businesses & Removing Barriers to Job Growth

  • Small businesses called on Washington to stop the regulatory assault on the private sector, saying “The uncertainty being created by Washington is stifling a small business recovery.”
  • President Obama spoke to job creators in the spirit of “being more neighborly,” even as he pushes for more “stimulus” and higher taxes, and his party fights to protect hundreds of job-crushing federal regulations. Read more.
  • The director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) testified that the Democrats’ health care law – with its maze of new federal rules, mandates, and penalties – will destroy roughly 800,000 jobs.
  • A group of 28 Republican governors sent a letter to President Obama underscoring the impact of the health care law’s mandates on cash-strapped states and struggling small businesses.
  • The head of the president’s own economic advisory panel is pushing for action on three pending free trade agreements to help boost U.S. exports by at least $13 billion and help create new jobs.

Cutting Spending and Ending the Job-Crushing “Stimulus” Spending Binge

  • Here are some quick facts about H.R. 1, the bill that goes beyond the Pledge to America and cuts $100 billion in spending over the next few months.
  • Speaker Boehner said “deficit spending is causing job creators in America to hold back,” and that’s why you’re going to see this Congress “cut, cut, cut” spending.

Also This Week

  • Vivian Butler – a parent of one of the children in the landmark D.C. landmark school choice program – wrote an op-ed about what the program has meant for her daughter and her family.
  • NOTE: Catch Speaker Boehner on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning.

As always, we appreciate your interest in the new House majority and encourage you to stay connected with the Office of the Speaker on Facebook, Twitter, and on Have a great week!

Speaker Boehner’s Press Office


(202) 225-0600 | SPEAKER.GOV


One comment on “Liberating Our Economy to Help Create New Jobs

  1. don s
    February 15, 2011

    The more money TAKEN OUT of the economy in TAXES, makes the economy weaker.

    The wealthier the PEOPLE, the better off this nation will be……………….

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