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Gaging Public OUTRAGE

A measurement of public outrage is when you hit up a local story on the internet and it takes a long time to load because over 300 comments are in the blogs affiliated with the article.  To be sure, most often, the blogs contain more relevent information than the article, and are becoming more and more a source of information as main stream media glazes over things that should be of significantly more importance if we are ever to root out public corruption.  There’s definitely the advocates who defend the absurd regardless of the facts, but for the most part, public outrage is seeing the glaring differences between the two classes of people who exist in our society today.  The haves and the have nots, and in terms of public corruption, it’s all about the haves, having connections or being connected and the have nots being the rest of us.  Notwithstanding that sorry fact, something about this story borders on more of the bizarre, and screams for all of us to take inventory, become more vigilant of what’s really going on out there, and demand accountability. 

Who is watching our back, and why are we paying salaries for all these criminals? 


The biggest issue raised by bloggers in this particular instance needs to be addressed:  Why would the DA give immunity to a high ranking police officer to tell the truth?  Is not telling the TRUTH a job requirement of law enforcement?  Here and it requires special dispositions for a high level officer to be forthcoming with it, and that is not acceptable under any circumstances.  If he can’t tell the truth without immunity, how can he be enforcing laws to protect us, or making arrests and bringing charges against anybody.  Then there is that little detail about him carrying a gun, let alone, owning one.  Does this man represent the kind of officers of the law we are subject to?  How would you like to be on his wrong side when he testifies against you in court when he needs immunity to tell the truth about his own actions and involvement!

We should all be concerned, but what are we going to do about it?13346395ET.jpg 

Melix Bonilla, Lawrence Deputy Police Chief, will receive immunity in exchange for admitting it was his gun his son brought to a home invasion last fall, according to sources. PAUL BILODEAU/ Staff photo February 13, 2011

Deputy chief admits gun used in robbery is his

 “When Jamel Bonilla was arraigned in Lawrence District Court Nov. 2, more than 100 supporters packed the courtroom. Among those in courtroom were Mayor William Lantigua, state Rep. Marcos Devers, and several city workers.

Also there was Lawrence Police Detective Richard Brooks, who was arrested on two counts of intimidation of a witness stemming from an incident the day of Jamel Bonilla’s arraignment. Details have also been impounded by the court. Brooks, 44, of Londonderry, has been on paid leave since his Nov. 9 arrest.” [emphasis added]Brad Jones on EBT Cards Abuse

As Michele McPhee so aptly states it: 


2-14 Outrage of the Day-Lawrence Deputy Police Chief’s Son Arrested for Gun possession

Audio  Mon, 14 Feb 2011

The 18-year-old son of Deputy police Chief Melix Bonilla and two other men have been indicted by the Essex County Grand Jury in connection with an Oct. 21 armed robbery of two men in Lawrence. Bonilla and Vargas were additionally charged in the indictments with illegal possession of a firearm, and Vargas was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

police officer found at 2:43, 9:13

And on another note:

2-9 Willie Watch-Hanging Dominican Flag Above American Flag

Audio Wed, 9 Feb 2011

This past week in the city of Lawrence people were outraged when they drove by City Hall and saw the flag of the Dominican hanging above the flag of the United States. So Michele got us up-to-date on Willie Lantigua the Fraudfather of Lawrence.

city council found at 3:01


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