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National Events for Dummies

There’s plenty going on in Massachusetts to stay abreast of, and on top of, but how does one find the time?  Readers are encouraged to contribute as we start to build the dialogue among us so we can all participate in the process as well informed as possible.  All of this has so much bearing on each and every one of us, and our, and our children’s futures for years to come.  At the same time of local and state events pre-occuppying our minds, we try to understand and keep tabs on national events that have equally profound effects on our lives.  To that end, the author of the blog America’s Watchtower provides easily understood updates and commentary on the broader scale of what is going on around us, and he is a blogger from our abutting state, New Hampshire, Land of the Live Free or Die. 

Who am I? What am I doing here?

The posting below explains what’s going on in the House and Senate, and the workings thereof as related to defunding Net Neutrality, and now, Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.  His other explanations and perspectives on issues relevent and important to all of us also lend to a greater understanding of what is going on and are highly recommended as worthwhile reads:

The United States House of Representatives is on a roll as of late; yesterday the House voted to cut off funding for the FCC’s attempt to implement Net Neutrality regulations which a court had already ruled they didn’t have the authority to regulate, and today the House voted to defund both Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.

In a largely symbolic gesture the House had already voted to repeal Obamacare but as expected the Senate struck it down. But this is much more than a symbolic gesture–or at least it will be if the House has the courage to stay firm and united in their resolve to defund Obamacare–because perhaps the greatest power that the House holds is the power of the purse strings.

  All bills which raise revenues must start in the House, but we can rest assured that the Democrat controlled Senate will reinsert the funding of both Obamacare and Planned Parenthood when they debate this bill next week. Once this happens the amended bill will  have to be passed by the House. If the House refuses to pass the bill as amended by the Senate a showdown will occur that will most likely result in the shutdown of the federal government.

  The question is: Do the Republicans in the House have the courage of their convictions and will they have the political gravitas to hold their ground and shut down the federal government if it comes to that, or will they flinch and give in?

  The defunding of Obamacare and of Planned Parenthood today, coupled with the defunding of Net Neutrality, is great news but it will all go for not if the Republicans end up caving in on these issues. The Democrats are going to attack the Republicans on the grounds that they are uncaring, heartless bastards who are intentionally hurting the poor in an attempt to win votes with the Tea Party, but that is not what this fight is all about. We are engaged in a battle over the future of our country and we are trying to return the federal government to its role as a limited government as outlined in the constitution and if that means that the government needs to be shut down in order to achieve this goal than so be it. Let the chips fall where they may, if the Republicans lose the House because of this action I would find that more acceptable than if they simply roll over to the Democrats.

  I would rather they went down swinging for something that they believed in than to see them hang onto power by passing legislation for which they were supposedly opposed.


4 comments on “National Events for Dummies

  1. mike meehan
    February 20, 2011

    I certainly hope that the Senators that backed this on the first go round keep in mind that Republican minded voters are known for their memory as is the ‘Elephant’. Just as those on the Liberal side are known for their lack of as is the ‘Ass’.
    They too can go the way of the hundreds of Lefties did after the last election.
    Folks need to remember that the Commander and Chief took an oath.
    To protect OUR country from enemies both foreign and domestic !!
    The way I see it, these clowns are doing more damage both immediate and long term than the Taliban ever could short of droppin’ a Nuke !!!!!!!!

    Sincerely, A PATRIOT

  2. don s
    February 21, 2011

    When government TAKES money out of the economy, this HURTS the economy…………..

    The BEST investment, is when you invest in the TAXPAYERS…..

    Support all those politicians who seek to let you KEEP more of what you have earned..

  3. jm
    February 26, 2011

    The author is “right on” here–and if you go to his website (Americaswatchtower), it’s obvious he speaks for thouands of conservatives across America who are trying their darndest to get this great country back on the track to fiscal sanity and preserve individual freedom for us all. Keep writing/emailing/ calling/faxing your Representatives and Senators to let them know how you feel about the critical issues and decisions they are making/voting on every day. They need to hear from you about the direction you believe they should take–and they need input about what you think is wrong AND your support and encouragement to keep working for what is right!

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