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Massachusetts politician to the Wisconsin protestors: “get a little bloody”

 Yesterday protesters in Massachusetts held a “rally” to show that they stand in solidarity with the cowardly Democrats in Wisconsin who fled the state rather than vote on a controversial issue which they are sure to lose. Several Massachusetts politicians showed up to the event to speak to the protesters and one of them was Michael Capuano–who ran in the Democrat primary in the special election to replace Ted Kennedy before losing to Martha Coakley.

Representative Capuano had some interesting words to say at that protest:

Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary

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It was the same Mike Capuano who claimed that harsh discourse lead to the shooting of Gabby Giffords when he said:
“What the hell is going on?” said Representative Michael Capuano, a Somerville Democrat. “There’s always some degree of tension in politics; everybody knows t he last couple of years there’s been an intentional increase in the degree of heat in political discourse. . . . If nothing else good comes out of this, I’m hoping it causes people to reconsider how they deal with things.” (h/t Red Mass Group)

And the new Union Theme Song, ‘Take the Bastards Down’:  (Has Violent Ring to it)

“As part of the band’s efforts to support the workers, they are working with SEIU and other unions and labor federations to have the song available to be played at rallies across the country,” a post on SEIU’s website says.

What Michael Graham saw:

“I met some (ahem) interesting people, all with extremely colorful vocabularies and an odd interest in my reproductive activities.  Many suggested I engage in physical activities that are not biologically feasible.  I was shoved a few times, threatened a few times, bumped around a bit—but nothing of note. One lady kept screaming “Seig Heil!” over and over, but I couldn’t tell if she meant it in a bad way.
Other pro-taxpayer supporters who showed up had it worse. As the State House News Service reports, “a pro-union supporter spit in the face of a Tea Party backer, prompting pushing, shoving and a police intervention.”

Ann Coulter

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Must read: Look For the Union Fable by Ann Coulter



Is Congressman Capuano trying to win an Oscar? Or is he running for something?

Less than a month after he complained about the “heat in political discourse,” Capuano tells a crowd of union workers: “Every once in a while you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.”

And he called Tea Party counter-protesters a “couple of nuts in the background.”

Capuano’s incendiary and insulting rhetoric was a play to the unions. He’s counting on their support, because we know he wants to be a U.S. Senator.

He’s already run once, and lost.  Now he’s thinking about running again, against our U.S. Senator, Scott Brown. We need your help today to stop Capuano.

 Candidate Capuano cares about union rights, and not taxpayer rights.  That’s why he staged an Oscar-worthy performance at the State House rally.  He only cares about satisfying organized labor’s insatiable appetite and not about reducing the state and federal deficits.

We need to stop him and his Democrat allies who are pushing radical agendas in Washington and on Beacon Hill, and calling for blood in the streets to get their way. 


Democrats will do ANYTHING to protect their political agenda! 

You were sick and tired of their careless agenda when you voted in 25 NEW Republicans in Massachusetts – doubling Republican representation in the House.  At the MassGOP, we are already recruiting local and congressional candidates to run in 2012 against the political machine.

DONATE TODAY so we can provide the tools necessary to STOP MIKE CAPUANO AND THE DEMOCRATIC AGENDA.

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3 comments on “Proudly from Massachusetts

  1. MH
    February 24, 2011

    What an embarrassment Capuano is !!!!!! Why can’t these people realize that we are out of money and they are the ones who broke the bank? They need to come back to earth and work for peanuts like the rest of us. They can also learn to save for their retirement like we did.

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