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Congressman Tierney’s Wife

US Rep. John Tierney and his wife, Patrice.
US Rep. John Tierney and his wife,...Photo by Nancy Lane (File)  Today U.S. Rep. John Tierney’s wife, Patrice, was supposed to report to jail for a minimal 30-day sentence for aiding and abetting in the filing of false tax returns for her brother, who is a federal fugitive indicted for money
laundering.  Instead, she quietly checked in two weeks early, likely because the dates of her meager 30 day sentence conflicted with her personal schedule.  
Certain felons are most definitely treated differently throughout, depending on who they are, but the real insult to the contrast between us and them is her meager fine of under $3,000.00 for her part in managing her fugitive brother’s illegal millions.  And while we all totally believe that her Congressman husband knew nothing of his wife’s handling of these illegally begotten millions, a few nagging questions remain:
1- How was her indictment kept so secret so that not a word of this came out during the highly charged November 2010 election cycle until the day she plead out and even then, all that was covered was that she was scheduled for sentencing just after the election?
 2- Why did the media barely mention this story and Tierney’s lack of knowledge of his wife’s felony activities, while they instead made a huge deal over Tierney’s challenger having a few signs in his yard critical of Obama which amounted to no more than his exercise of free speech
3- What becomes of the millions since the fine barely represents a few days interest?
4-  Who’s handling the accounts for the brother now, and
 5- Can the Congressmen help catch the fugitive and spare us taxpayers the out-of-pocket expense for his brother-in-law’s capture?
Holly RobichaudFor all we, and Congressman Tierney don’t know Holly Robichaud makes an astute observation in her article John Tierney’s wife just the tip of Dem shame iceberg”

Well, at least the congressman will know what Patrice [his wife] is doing for the next few weeks.  She’ll be doing time.

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