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Mass Exodus of Jobs

Patrick-Murray Gives New Meaning to Evacuation Day – The Mass Exodus of Jobs

 BOSTON – Evacuation Day 2011 has morphed from a hack holiday into a day to mourn the exodus of jobs from Massachusetts as a result of the failed policies of the Patrick-Murray Administration. Fidelity, a cornerstone of the Massachusetts economy for 65 years, sent a message to entrepreneurs and small businesses everywhere that Massachusetts is not the place to grow a business and that globetrotting Governor Deval Patrick lacks economic foresight.  Fidelity is only the latest in a string of job losses – at least 5,000 – announced since Patrick’s re-election.

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Nassour stated: “Fidelity’s decision to move out of Massachusetts speaks volumes about the state’s hostile business climate and the failures of the Patrick-Murray Administration’s economic development policies.  Instead of whining that Fidelity blindsided him, the governor needs to open his eyes and see that businesses and families need serious help.  He needs to spend more time in Massachusetts helping all businesses and all citizens, not just his friends and political supporters.”

Fidelity Only the Latest Job Losses Since Patrick’s Re-Election:

  • Evergreen Solar: 800 jobs moving to China despite Patrick-Murray dumping at least $23 million into the company, taxpayer money that is now lost
  • TJX – 1,400 layoffs as retail giant closes A.J. Wright chain
  • General Electric – Has already laid off 600 in Lynn and plans another round

Fidelity Struggled in Mass. Under Patrick:

  • 65 years Fidelity expanding in Massachusetts
  • 5,700 Fidelity jobs lost (nearly one half of workforce) since Deval took office in ’06

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