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 Was Obama right to get involved?

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President Obama’s and his union boss cronies’ one goal is to FORCE more workers into unions and they’ll do so by any means necessary.

Now, thanks to President Obama’s National Mediation Board’s decision, just a minority workers can force the entire company under union boss control.

But it gets worse.

It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for workers covered by this decision to ever decertify their union.

Once Big Labor has seized control, they’ll maintain it indefinitely.

And that means the union officials will be completely unaccountable!

The good news is, legislation will be voted on NEXT WEEK in the U.S. House to override the National Mediation Board’s decision.

But unless you act immediately, I’m afraid Big Labor could secure enough votes to strip the FAA reauthorization bill of this key provision.

And remember, this is the first real test in the new Congress after the American people rejected pro-forced unionism incumbents in November.

Will the new members of Congress stick true to their campaign pledges to fight government-granted special privileges for the union hierarchy, or will they become Big Labor-appeasers?

Only grassroots action from the American people — led by Right to Work supporters like you — can determine what happens next.

So please, urge your U.S. Representative to vote against Big Labor’s amendment to the FAA bill.

Please click here to sign your free action fax authorization.

There’s no time to waste. Please act NOW!


Mark Mix

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As you likely know by now, President Obama has recently ordered his attorney general to unilaterally declare the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional. This was a direct challenge to the courts as well as Congress, implying both are irrelevant in making and enforcing laws in this country.

We now see a pattern as to how Democrats are responding to election losses: they simply do an end-run around democracy. Can’t block a union bill in Wisconsin or Indiana? Flee the state. Can’t repeal DOMA? Simply walk away and declare victory by undermining the institution of marriage and the democratic process.

Yet America is a nation governed under the law, and we will not stand for a government which flees from it. Remember, DOMA was passed by large bipartisan majorities, and defines marriage as the union of a man and woman for FEDERAL purposes, while also preventing one state from foisting same-sex “marriage” on another.

Congress is fighting back. The House Republican Leadership has decided that if the Obama Administration won’t stand up for our nation’s laws, then they will — and have taken steps to allow Congressional representation to defend DOMA in the courts.

To bolster that decision, Representative Vicki Hartzler (R-Mo.) has introduced House Con. Resolution 25, expressing the sense of Congress with respect to the Obama Administration’s abdication of defending the Defense of Marriage Act.

Already it has garnered a number of cosponsors but we need your support in letting Members of Congress know that they need to step up where the Obama Administration has failed to defend marriage from activist courts.

Please sign the petition asking Members of Congress to support all efforts to protect marriage.


Tony Perkins

P.S. Please forward to five likeminded friends

Would you like to eliminate Obamacare? Would you like to see as much as $1 trillion cut in spending by the federal government? Would you like to see NPR and PBS defunded – along with Planned Parenthood and maybe even the departments of Education and Energy?Did you know there’s a way the House Republicans can do this by themselves – without any deals or wrangling with Harry Reid or any veto threat from Barack Obama?Click here to learn more about the “No More Red Ink” campaign.

It’s the dirty little secret being kept from you by the Big Media and Republican House leadership.

All the Republicans have to do is vote no to raising the debt limit next month. It’s that simple. It’s all in the hands of the House Republican majority.

In fact, they don’t even all have to agree. Only 218 votes in the House are needed to stop the borrowing madness that has the federal government in debt to the tune of $14.3 trillion. Republicans control the House with 241 votes.

And more than half the votes necessary to seize this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a big step back toward constitutionally limited government are already committed. All we need to do is persuade fewer than 100 more Republican House members to go along with people like Rep. Michele Bachmann, Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Michael Burgess, Rep. Louis Gohmert, Rep. Dan Lungren. Rep. Tom McClintock, Rep. Devin Nunes, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, Rep. Paul Broun, Rep. Connie Mack, Rep. Steve King, Rep. Dan Burton, Rep. Mike Pence, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, Rep. Todd Akin, Rep. Walter Jones, Rep. Sue Myrick, Rep. Chris Smith and other heroes who have made the pledge to stop the borrowing-and-spending binge now – not next year or the year after.

Because of a near blackout in the Big Media on this issue, most Americans just don’t know it’s possible for Republicans alone to take this historic, bullet-proof action.

There’s no need for arguing with Obama. There’s no need of debating with Reid. There’s not need to wait until 2012. The Republicans Americans sent to Congress last November can do this now!

But they probably won’t unless they hear from you – forcefully and in big numbers in the next two weeks.

There are two ways you can make your voice heard:

There are simply no other options for making this happen in the short time left before the House votes on a bill to raise the debt limit.

We’ve got to convince 218 Republicans that this, by far, the most important and meaningful vote they will cast in their careers.

They have the power to shut down the Obama spending machine.

They have the power to roll back spending levels in line with actual revenues.

They have the power to kill countless unconstitutional programs and entire worthless departments of the federal government.

What we’re talking about here is a real political revolution.

Pistol Pete         March 22, 2011



    Taxes for thee but not for me,tee hee

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