Save Our State of Massachusetts

HELP get another Republican elected in this navy blue state

Dear Fellow Patriots:

The special election, in which Jim Dixon is running for the 10th Middlesex District rep seat (Waltham, Watertown and Newton), is a little more than a month away. The campaign is going to need all the help it can get in the remaining weeks and during the final weekend (Thursday, 5/5 – Tuesday, 5/10) leading up to election day to turn out their vote.  Can you spare any time from now until the election day on Tuesday, May 10, 2011?  

If so, please fill out the form below to indicate when you can help and send to  If you can’t help out in person but can help financially please donate on Jim’s website at or send a check to the Committee to Elect

 Jim Dixon, P.O. Box 540254, Waltham, MA  02454-0254

The suggested schedule for door knocking is: 

___ 9 am – 12 (noon)  

___ 12 (noon) – 3 pm

___ 3 pm – 6 pm  

___ 6pm – 8 pm

___ other time ______________   

Please provide your: 

Name: _______________________________________ 

Phone #: _____________________________________ 

Email address: ________________________________  

Town: ________________________________________ 

I will volunteer for:  ___ lit drops ___ Phone calls  ___ sign holding  ___ driving canvassers   

I can be a poll watcher on election day, Tuesday, 5/10, from  

___ 7am – 10am

___ 10am – 1pm

___ 1pm – 4 pm

___ 4pm – 6pm

 ___ 6pm – 8pm (closing)

 ___ all day 7am – 8pm

 ___ other time ______________ 

This is an “All hands on Deck” Republican Moment!  This special election for the Open Seat is a great chance for the Republicans to win another representative seat in the State House.  But we can’t do it unless we all rally together.  Any amount of time and support will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!!

 Bob Marcellino


Volunteer Coordinator

Dixon for State Rep Campaign Lets Take a take a stand!!!

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