Save Our State of Massachusetts

Six figure job creation!

Who says the Patrick Administration is doing nothing to create jobs?

 Tim Buckley:  Two Friday’s – Two Patrick-Murray Campaign Aides get $100,000+ State Jobs


 All the hard talk we saw from the Murray-Patrick team about ending patronage and cleaning up state government doesn’t apply when it is their personal friends looking for six-figure state jobs. The last thing Massachusetts tax payers need is to pick up the tab on another six-figure government job with dire statistics like these:

8.3% Unemployment

12% (1 in 8) Mass residents on food stamps (

20% Underemployment rate – 1 in 5 people making just enough to get by (Gallup)

Chairman Nassour added:  “Another Friday another bad news dump for Patrick/Murray. I’m surprised they didn’t just announce this one in the Israeli papers.”

State House News Service:  Bialecki Names Former Murray Campaign Aide to New, $105,000 “Gateway”Post by  Matt Murphy (Full Story)

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


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