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Time to wake up the kids

Seriously, it’s not about which party wins for President in 2012.  It’s about AMERICA, what it stands(stood) for, and what it will become.  There’s way too much going on to bring everybody up to speed to become active in saving our country, so maybe sharing this with our circle of influence, i.e., friends, family, and CHILDREN will help more people to realize just how important the election in 2012 will be for our/their future, and they must start getting involved.  Please share (also recommended are all of Dr. Bates articles –

The Real Meaning Behind Obama’s Words
by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.
Obama: (campaign/inauguration speech) I am going to bring about ‘change’ to America. 
Translation:  I despise what America stands for—I grew up mostly outside America and attended a Muslim school in Indonesia during my formative years.  My roots are not American.
Obama: (campaign) I will cut the national debt in half by the end of my second year.
Translation: I will print money and spend massively on government programs regardless of what happens to the national debt—I don’t care if America goes bankrupt since I despise capitalistic success.  My inaction on the debt issue will be an opportunity for me to bring down the greatest nation on Earth.  America is now over 14 trillion in debt with more massive unfunded liabilities which can never be met.  By grandstanding, I am accomplishing my objectives over weak ineffective protests by patriots.
Obama:   America must be energy independent by developing clean energy sources while relying less on fossil fuels.
Translation:   I want to take money from Americans and distribute it internationally via the United Nations—what better way than cap and trade.  But if that doesn’t work,  I can impose huge obstacles (via my Energy Czar and EPA) to harvesting our own oil and natural gas resources and hinder nuclear plant construction through a wall of regulations, while providing massive subsidies to my green friends like GE to develop unproved energy resources like solar and wind.  We cannot let America become too self-sufficient since my goal is to level the playing field internationally under the guise of ‘clean energy’.
Obama:  The rich need to pay their fair share and so we must get rid of the Bush tax cuts.
Translation:  The top 5 percent of income earners pay 60% of all taxes and half of all Americans pay no Federal income taxes.  Top earners pay a higher percentage and higher absolute amount of their income to fund big government.  American businesses pay the highest tax in the world and are compelled to move overseas to survive. We must take more from them so those who are not as well off can share their success.  Forget the fact the higher earners are usually small business folks who create jobs for everyone else—we can grow government to take their place as the largest employer in America. That will shore up a larger voting bloc for socialist Democrats. 
Obama: New jobs have been created for three months in a row under my programs.
Translation:   Never mind that the number of under, and unemployed is at record levels and many others have stopped looking for work.  This problem has lasted longer than under any past administration as I concentrate on creating a third world nation at home which will depend upon big government.   More government dependency will be good for perpetuating the socialist Left’s policies which will please my friends like George Soros.
Obama:  This birth certificate issue is a distraction.  I have better things to do…
Translation:  Like shoot baskets and play golf while the nation falls apart.  I had a fake birth certificate created to stop the ongoing thorn in my side which could cripple the rest of my term and my political campaign for reelection.  Hopefully no one will figure this out; even if they do, I can rely upon my socialist friends and the leftwing media to squelch any further discussion about this topic which I have already paid millions of dollars to hide from public view—I am not at liberty to divulge the truth about my live birth and my past educational years in America for they would raise serious doubts about my qualifications and intentions. 
Obama:  I don’t know why the uproar over my faith—I am not Muslim. I am Christian.
Translation:  I attended Jeremiah Wright’s church for more than 20 years and he was a mentor to me and my family.  He teaches black liberation theology (black supremacy and racism).  Maybe I made a mistake by attending this type of service on Easter Sunday as well.  At the White House we did not celebrate Easter’s meaning except to have an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  Read my two books which have made me wealthy despite one being written by my radical friend, Bill Ayers. Remember when the going gets rough I will side with the Muslims.
Obama:  We will never abandon Israel. 
Translation:   You actually believed me and still will after my AIPAC speech! That speech was written by my staff to retrieve the Jewish vote after mistakenly spilling my beans in front of Netanyahu last week!   I have no allegiance to Christians or Jews—they symbolize virtues for which I have no respect.   At heart I am Muslim,  but to fool naive voters I will tell them I am Christian which will place a veil over my true intention to throw Israel to the dogs during the ‘Arab Spring’  in which Islamists who hate Israel can come to power and with Iran’s nuclear power make Israel’s destruction happen. *
Obama:  I will designate massive taxpayer monies in foreign aid to assist people fighting for democracy in the Middle East.
Translation:   The Muslim Brotherhood whose objective is to establish Sharia Law internationally through both peaceful and violent means will take the reins in Egypt, Libya and other nations of the Middle East. This money will help them to accomplish that goal.   Even though I have bankrupted America, I can have Tim Geithner print more money to cover this expense. 
Obama:   We must stop subsidizing the big oil companies which profit hugely at the expense of all Americans when gas prices are expensive.  I will appoint the Justice Dept to look into possible fraud in the pricing of gasoline and oil.
Translation:   The big oil companies only make 8 cents per gallon of gas pumped with profit margins less than most U.S. companies.  OPEC and world markets control prices. My administration charges taxes on gasoline in excess of 80 cents per gallon but I don’t want to bring that up as it is an unwanted distraction. I am against profitable businesses and capitalism unless they are run by my cronies (like GE which paid no taxes this year).  That is the way it is in Chicago where I held my only job in life as a community organizer until you elected me as your President—silly you!  
Obama: Representative Paul Ryan’s plan for Medicare would take care away from those who need it most—-the elderly and disabled children.
Translation:  Even though Ryan’s plan will not affect anyone now 55 or older, it will take Medicare out of the expensive inefficient government bureaucracy and place it in the private sector which I despise.  This runs counter to my socialist plans contained in Obamacare which will give government control over the people by rationing/denying care to certain groups who do not qualify according to my panel of bureaucrats.  Oh—don’t ask me about Obamacare waivers which I give to my political supporters.
Obama:  America, with the help of the Seals I took him out—Bin Laden is dead. 
Translation:  Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta forced this down my throat when I came in from shooting baskets one night.  Well—might as well get mileage out of this one!  At least I observed the Muslim ritual with respect to disposal of the body.  I can play both sides of this war and it should help me win reelection.
Obama:  (during his first trip to the Mexican border) The Southwest border is more secure and safer than ever before under my administration.
Translation:  We canceled the border fence and I am having my buddy Eric Holder sue the state of AZ for trying to protect itself from illegals and cartels—we must let them enter our nation and grant them amnesty so as to shore up more votes for me and my cronies in 2012.  Never mind the safety of American citizens.  I will ask Janet Napolitano of Homeland Security to use a different formula for statistics to fit our false claim that the border is more secure than ever.  Glad I don’t live on that border! 
Obama unspoken:   I will lie and humor my way through the campaign—money can buy the presidency and I have a lot of rich socialist supporters and the liberal media to provide my cover.  My DOJ led by Eric Holder along with ACLU will fight freedom of expression by Christians and Jews while allowing Islamists to establish a stronghold in America.  We will make sure that the fruits of success in the private sector are taken by government and given to near-do-wells so we socialists have a larger voting bloc. We will revise the U. S. Constitution by appointing leftwing judges to the bench while I am in office.  In the end, America will be changed into a poor nation of serfs ruled by oppressive government and with Sharia Law taking its place beside existing law. My deceitful campaign speeches will hopefully win over the minds of unsuspecting voters and give me another victory for my trainers.   One world government under the UN is my next major goal once I have America under my thumb.  This will fulfill my lifelong dream to dissolve America and its wicked ways. 
Take home message from the author:  Spread the word to all.  Wake up Americans of all races, ethnic groups, religions and income levels if you value your freedom. Any patriot running in any party will be better than Obama and his anti- American crooks.  This election is not about race or ethnicity or poor vs. rich as the Left would have you believe!  For Obama and his wealthy donors and socialist/communist cronies it is about control of you and the fruits of your labor.  Americans are staring evil and hypocrisy in the eye—we must put that eye out! 
*Note from Israeli National News today:  “Don’t fall for U.S. President Barack Obama’s magical oratory. He put a gun to Israel’s head and asked it to commit suicide,” National Union chairman and Knesset Member Yaakov (Ketzaleh) Katz MK wrote the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Sunday.  The legislator continued, “I urge you not to be captured by his magic tongue because he actually is asking you for your votes and your money.”

2 comments on “Time to wake up the kids

  1. jm
    May 23, 2011

    Talk about telling it like it is–if this doesn’t wake people up, I don’t know what will–and YES, we need to wake up the students, all the youth really, but particularly the ones that vote, so they realize their life dreams are bubbles that are on the verge of bursting, and the freedoms they’ve grown up with and taken for granted, are being stolen from them right under their eyes. We must all talk to EVERYONE we know about this!

  2. sosmass
    May 23, 2011

    Well said JM

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