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Panel discusses state budget cuts at Lexington forum

The article at the website below (“Wicked Local Woburn”) was referenced and sent by a friend.  It’s about a recent panel discussion of MA budget cuts during a Lexington forum that was convened by State Senator Kenneth Donnelly (D-Arlington) and included professionals whose work will be directly affected by state cuts. The panel discussed the consequences to their areas of responsibility.

Along with the usual complaints about the need to cut services, Luc Schuster, a policy analyst at the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, commented on the current fiscal “state of the state”, saying,  “Taxachusetts is a complete myth.”  The article again illustrates the viewpoint of liberals that still  just don’t “get it”—especially Harris Gruman, MA political director of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) who picked up Schuster’s tax theme and ran with it in the usual direction—taxpayers beware!  He said, “We had a fair tax system developed earlier in the last century, but which has been eroding since the 1980s.”

It should be noted that Gruman’s organization is sponsoring a bill in the Legislature that he said would raise the income tax rate from 5.3 to 5.95 percent “while raising the personal exemption to hold down increases for middle-class families,” and raise the tax rate on wealthy investors, but provide a targeted exemption for middle-class seniors.  He also said it would “raise $1.37 billion in additional revenue to maintain funding for our communities, schools and health care.”  

Typical MA “business as usual” stuff unfortunately.  These politicians still can’t seem to “see the forest for the trees” (note especially the comment section following the article that mentions a method to help prevent lyme disease in the state, instead of whining for more money to pay for the results of it). Those commenting do “get it”. 

Final positive note:  Sen. Donnelly announces at the end of the discussion that there would be NO TAX INCREASES in MA this year!  Let’s keep speaking up and letting Beacon Hill know that’s exactly the way it should be—and that legislation like Gruman’s should be NOT be passed!


Latest news of the day is about Massachusetts’ own Barney Frank—no surprise here—but outrage finally seems to be more vocal and open!  Go to:



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