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Mass Governor Patrick sides with Al Qaeda, MS-13 and Rapists

Verbatum from RedMassGroup:

Deval Patrick and Tim Murray Side With Al Qaeda, MS-13, and Rapists Over Massachusetts Citizens (+)

by: Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

Mon Jun 06, 2011 at 20:45:44 PM EDT

Going back on their word, this past Friday the Deval Patrick – Tim Murray administration reneged on the promise to enact the Department of Homeland Security’s Secure Communities Program. In a letter to the Department of Homeland Security the Secretary of Public Safety Mary Elizabeth Heffernan outlined the administration’s objections to the program and informed that Massachusetts would not be participating.  For his part Governor Patrick told the press that he made the decision because he’s the Governor of the “whole Commonwealth”.

“I’m the governor of the whole of Commonwealth and I’m trying to make decisions and do make decisions that I believe are in the best interest of the whole Commonwealth and I’ve done that in this case,” he said to reporters this afternoon.

It’s apparent that to Deval Patrick and Tim Murray the “whole Commonwealth” includes Al Qaeda and other terrorist organization members, MS-13 gangbangers, and rapitsts.  Those are the exact types of people that Secure Communities is designed to weed out.   But don’t worry the Governor isn’t soft on “illegal immigration”.

Patrick also batted away suggestions that he’s soft on illegal immigrants.”We have, as I said, consistently sent all fingerprints to the FBI. That’s a program and a practice that has gone on for some time now, long before Secure Communities and we have referred convicted felons to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement for deportation,” Patrick said.

If current FBI screening was adequate to weed out criminal immigrants, why would the Obama Administration feel the need to have the Secure Communities program in the first place.  A program that in it’s pilot stage in Boston removed, according to ICE (see image at the left), a violent rapist from the streets of Boston.  In an Op-Ed in the San Francisco Chronicle, Janet Napolitano has touted the benefits of the Secure Communities program.  She outlines that without Secure Communities, the FBI and ICE do not share information.

Secure Communities was launched in 2008. Historically, when state and local authorities booked someone for a criminal offense, they submitted fingerprints only to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Under Secure Communities, these fingerprints are then automatically cross-checked against immigration records as well.If the fingerprint-check indicates that an individual is in the United States unlawfully, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a part of DHS, takes enforcement action – prioritizing the removal of individuals who present the most significant threats to public safety as determined by the severity of their crime, their criminal history and other factors.

Right now, the technology that makes this information-sharing between the FBI and the DHS possible has been activated in more than 1,200 state and local law enforcement jurisdictions in 42 states. We anticipate total activation by 2013.

To date, Secure Communities has led to the removal of more than 72,000 illegal immigrants convicted of crimes, including more than 26,000 convicted of major violent offenses like murder, rape and the sexual abuse of children. Between October 2008 and October 2010, Secure Communities resulted in a 71 percent increase in the number of convicted criminals removed from our country. A number of these cases have come from San Francisco.

Deval Patrick, once again today, lied to the press about what Massachusetts does regarding illegal immigration.  Has he ever told the truth?

Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno :: Deval Patrick and Tim Murray Side With Al Qaeda, MS-13, and Rapists Over Massachusetts Citizens

5 comments on “Mass Governor Patrick sides with Al Qaeda, MS-13 and Rapists

  1. sosmass
    June 7, 2011

    Democrat Senate President Therese Murray made a statement regarding the Governor’s decision today not to join the Secure Communities Program. Today Tom Keyes challenged her as to whether she supported the Gov’s position. This is what she sent at this link. Please go to this page and post comments. Pound her on this. Appended is the post I just made.

    This is double speak !!! If an ILLEGAL Alien is caught committing a class #1 felony, (murder, rape, robbery, grand theft ect.) under Secure Communities, they would have to be processed through/with ICE and the FBI. After due process, they could be deported back to their country of origin. Very simply, the federal govt wants to create a data base, a registry, of all violent criminals who are also illegal aliens!

    Sounds fair right? Not to leftists, socialists, La Raza, and other groups who wish to make our cities “sanctuary cities” that protect illegal aliens who are waiting for Obama to grant them amnesty. Under the cries of racism and social justice, the left hopes to bully through their will. This is bunk! Every person is entitled to “due process” and will still get their day in court. They want to create an elite class of people who are exempt from the law!

    Gov Patrick wants to “show” that the people in Massachusetts think this program is “too extreme” and not wanted here, by holding these sham town hall meetings. One problem, many of us showed up, in support of the program, and ruined their ruse.

  2. sosmass
    June 7, 2011


    ROOM 443
    TEL. (617) 722-2460

    June 6, 2011 508- 864-1491


    Boston, MA – Local legislators came out today in opposition to Governor Deval Patrick’s decision not to sign Massachusetts onto the federal Secure Communities initiative. Representatives Matt Beaton (R- Shrewsbury), Peter Durant (R- Spencer), Ryan Fattman (R- Sutton), Kimberly Ferguson (R- Holden), Kevin Kuros (R- Uxbridge) and Steven Levy (R- Marlborough) are drafting and circulating a letter calling on Governor Patrick to reconsider his decision.

    “We are drafting a letter, inviting legislators and other officials, to support the Secure Communities Act with the hopes that Governor Patrick will reverse course,” said State Representative Ryan Fattman, 18th Worcester House District. “It’s time for this Administration to side with tax payers and public safety officials from across the nation instead of criminals, who are also here illegally.”

    The Secure Communities program is an Obama Administration initiative proposed by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, under the purview of the Department of Homeland Security, which uses locally gathered fingerprinting information in an effort to verify the immigration status of those arrested within the state in which it is implemented. To date, forty –one states have enrolled in the Secure Communities imitative. The city of Boston already has a pilot program which has resulted in 293 people being taken off the streets. Boston’s Police Chief Ed Davis has said that everyone identified via Secure Communities was a public threat.

    Representative Kuros said “It’s frustrating to see the Governor continue his pattern of siding with criminal aliens over MA citizens that dates back to when he first assumed office. Shortly after Governor Romney had issued a Memo of Agreement to give State Troopers the ability to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), newly elected Governor Patrick revised that agreement, stripping the troopers of that authority, and shifting the authority to the department of corrections.”

    Governor Patrick was originally led to believe by President Obama that the program was going to become mandatory by 2013, which would require Massachusetts’ participation. However, currently the program is being implemented on a voluntary basis leading to the rejection of the program by Governor Patrick.

    “I am very disappointed in the Governor’s decision,” said Representative Steven Levy. “At the end of the day, he put the concerns of special interest immigration groups ahead of the safety concerns for our cities and towns.”

    Under the Secure Communities Act, a detained individual’s fingerprints are compared against outstanding criminal records and then against immigration records. If a match is found when comparing the fingerprints against immigration records, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency gets involved in the matter. The process then proceeds to deportation of the individual in question.

    “I’ve spoken with municipal police chiefs,” Kuros adds, “and they want every tool at their disposal to protect the residents they serve. With nearly 300 dangerous criminals already taken off the streets through this program, what additional proof does the Governor need before he implements this state-wide? The program flat-out works and it’s time to implement it.”

    Legislative leaders are calling on Governor Deval Patrick to reverse his decision regarding the Secure Communities initiative in order to protect and benefit the citizens of Massachusetts. State Representatives Beaton, Fattman, Ferguson, Levy and Kuros all supported the Secure Communities budget amendment during the House budget debate, which failed 73-84. Representative Durant was not yet inaugurated to cast his vote.

  3. sosmass
    June 7, 2011

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Erin Thibault

    June 6, 2011 (508) 567-8947


    TAUNTON…Today, State Representative Shaunna O’Connell, 3rd Bristol House District, expressed deep disappointment in Governor Patrick’s decision not to sign onto the federal secure communities program.

    “This is an Obama administration program that has been implemented in 41 other states, and yet our Governor thinks it is not a good idea. I am deeply disappointed that Governor Patrick is not willing to put public safety first,” said O’Connell. “The public hearings held by the Patrick administration,which were heavily stacked in favor of illegal immigrants, proved to be a nothing more than an attempt to delay implementation of the program.” Secure Communities is a federal program designed by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is part of the Department of Homeland Security. The program identifies all deportable foreign nationals who are arrested by local police for other state and federal crimes. The criminal illegal immigrants who commit additional crimes are removed from the country instead of being released back into the community.

    “Right now we have 24,000 criminal illegal immigrants at-large in Massachusetts. These are people who not only broke our laws crossing the borders, but they are also committing other serious crimes. The Obama administration’s Secure Communities program allows for our local law enforcement to help identify deportable aliens via fingerprinting. This is not something new for the Commonwealth. Our state troopers were helping during the previous administration, and due to Governor Patrick’s support of illegal immigrants, he overturned the public safety measure,” said O’Connell. Boston already has a pilot program which has resulted in 293 people being taken off the streets. Boston’s Police Chief Ed Davis has said that everyone identified via SC was a public threat. “This program has bipartisan support. It is time for the Governor to put the interests and safety of our law-abiding citizens first,” added O’Connell.

    O’Connell is a lifelong resident of Taunton. She worked her way through college by serving in the food department at Morton Hospital and quickly becoming a department supervisor. Professionally, O’Connell is a self-employed court reporter. She is a devoted wife and mother of two young children and continues to be active in her church and volunteer for numerous community programs.

  4. jm
    June 8, 2011

    We should all call/email to thank the legislators who stood up to Gov. Patrick to let him know what a DISGRACEFUL decision he made on the on “Secure Communities” Program so they know how much support they have from the (LEGAL) citizens of MA. Then we should call/email the legislators in our own districts that sided with the Patrick/Murray administration to let them know how OUTRAGEOUS AND DANGEROUS their decision was. “Shameful” is how the Boston Herald (June 7) referred to Patrick’s “cowardly decision to opt out” of the federal program, adding that he “is needlessly putting at risk all the law-abiding citizens of this commonwealth–immigrant and non-immigrant”.
    There is some good news in the follow-up to this story. Not only numerous state legislators, most state law enforcement officials, and Boston City Mayor Menino opposed Patrick’s stand on this, BUTso did PRESIDENT OBAMA. The White House OVERRULED the governor’s decision according to the Boston Herald yesterday. There is, of course, a bit more to the story than meets the eye, as critics have suggested that Patrick probably knew this would happen; so anxious to please his “base” on a controversial issue, he let the federal government take the heat for NOT allowing him to opt out of the program.
    It is absolutely vital that legal citizens continue to speak out and stand up for the security of this state and themselves–and that they go to the polls to VOTE IN EVERY SINGLE ELECTION so their opinion is heard.

  5. integrity1st
    June 12, 2011

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    Immigrant checks urged
    Regional GOP reps unite against Patrick

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