Save Our State of Massachusetts

Stand by Weiner- Anthony Weiner walks with us.

Until Anthony Weiner makes his expected comeback we are likely to hear little more of him, except this newly released video from Mass Resistance (below) which helps put things in perspective.  Review of his leading a parade with countless men parading and dancing in their underwear on main streets, in the middle of the day, in downtown NY, makes it easy to see why Weiner would be so at home sharing photos of himself in his underwear, or less, to the world.  It would be shocking to see much of what this video contains on primetime TV, but more and more so, this is where we’re going.  For now, however, if it were to be shown on TV, it would surely be censored, and much of the nudity blocked out.  Not so for the children of today who happen across the festivities in downtown NY.  And, sponsors like Verizon, Google and Virgin pay money to advertise and proudly display their names.   “Old Navy” stores are now selling “gay pride” shirts, donating percentage of sales to radical homosexual group targeting kids, and government officials proudly support, participate in and walk this parade and fight for the furtherance of acceptance of this specticle.

Then there’s Alan Colmes who defended Weiner on Fox news stating he should never have had to resign over his recent escapades, claiming Weiner’s behavior has nothing to do with his ability to perform his job in Congress.

While all this defines where we’ve come to in our society already, of further concern is where we are headed from here, and is this the new World Order being foisted upon us?

Watch for yourself: This is the mindset of not only Weiner but of an appalling number of high-ranking left-wing elected officials. Here in Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick has even marched in the Boston “gay pride” parade just in front of BDSM/leather fetishists with his teenage daughter!

For an interesting take on this attraction to perversion by liberal politicians, Howie Carr’s column in Friday’s Boston Herald, as usual, tells it like it is: Poor Anthony Weiner, wasn’t he just ‘fitting in’?

Since Massachusetts typically leads the charge on all things good for the rest of the country, everyone can look forward to nationwide acceptance of this:  Graphic homosexual sex flier given to kids at Mass. state-supported “youth pride” event  (What the homosexual movement’ claim to teach kids “tolerance” is really about. Caution: Gross & disgusting – Mass Resistance)

As a final note, Weiner Supporters ask you to: 




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