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Massachusetts WAKE UP

This post is two-fold.  One is to stir people to support the obvious, the other is to appeal to even the most hard-nosed Democrats to see what is NOT GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY, thus, all the more so, NOT GOOD FOR MASSACHUSETTS which is all the more under one party rule.

Sometimes Scott Brown disappoints with votes that just seem inconsistent with what many of us hoped for when we sent him to Washington.  But then, issues like this arise, [See more here.] and we are reminded of just how entrenched the one party Democrats are: 

“Do you remember the propaganda that we were asked to swallow as incompetent members of Congress allowed the Federal Reserve to march our country towards an economic crash?

Barney Frank in 2005: What Housing Bubble?  “The Biggest One-Day Loss in American History”

This was sent in an email from the Massachusetts chapter of Campaign for Liberty asking that we get 11 MASSACHUSETTS LEGISLATORS who have yet to co-sponsor this bill, to sign on with the 159 members of the House and 6 Senators who have.  To that end, they ask that you contact your Massachusetts legislators today if they have not already become co-sponsors of their bill to

Audit the Fed

Do you remember how the same people that demanded that we bailout these billionaire bankers, would not tell us who received the $2 trillion dollars in emergency loans from U.S. taxpayers?

Ben Bernanke: “I don’t know who received the money”

With all the corruption we know to exist in government, and elsewhere, what could be more of a no brainer than to audit an organization that, while not part of government, wields enormous power over almost every aspect of our lives, i.e. the economy, and yet has never been subjected to such scrutiny?  (Scott Brown’s office was contacted for his position on this issue, and we await his response.  Meanwhile, one could not help but be be struck by all the D’s in the list below.  When you see further down how our administration regards anyone who so much as votes Republican, let alone, carries that scarlet letter of an R after their name, it is cause for both concern, and a modicum of gratitude that there is at least one R in the mix).  Even diehard Democrats ought to be able to see how this one party rule and partisanship mentality is detrimental to moving this country forward in these challenging times, and it is hoped that they too will call to mobilize the following to sign on to this bill:

Rep. John Olver (D— 1st District): 202-225-5335
Rep. Richard Neal (D— 2nd District): 202-225-5601
Rep. Jim McGovern (D— 3rd District): 202-225-6101
Rep. Barney Frank (D— 4th District): 202-225-5931
Rep. Niki Tsongas (D— 5th District): 202-225-3411
Rep. Ed Markey (D— 7th District): 202-225-2836
Rep. Michael Capuano (D— 8th District): 202-225-5111
Rep. Stephen Lynch (D— 9th District): 202-225-8273
Rep. William Keating (D— 10th District): 202-225-3111
Senator John Kerry (D): 202-224-2742

Senator Scott Brown (R): 202-224-4543

And here is the mentality we are dealing with at the top, magnified by virtue of Massachusetts being one of the bluest of states in the Union.  [from   with thanks.]:

More honest, open-minded and tolerant Democrats

By Chrissy the Hyphenated

Click graphics to embiggen for easier reading.

I’m just so underwhelmed by his passion for the dignity of his office and understanding of our system of government.

Chrissy’s Site Bites:

Joe and the other horse’s end are obviously working from the same script.


One comment on “Massachusetts WAKE UP

  1. What A Hoot
    July 5, 2011

    I am so bummed. I have a closet full of tin foil hats; lots of bling and glitter and even some with jewels…..and they are obsolete! Every time I find comfort in non-reality as a conspiracy theorist, others makes pretty little hats that compete with mine and actually talk the “crazy talk”. A few more people start to believe, make their own shimmy-shiny hat, then do the research and announce, “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Tin-Foil-May-I-Suggest-A-Little-White-Jacket, it is official: You were right.” This is distressing. Plus, in the good ole days of being a conspiracy nut I could hang onto a nut-wing idea for months before the world caught up to me. Now it seems I make my hat, wear it for only a couple of weeks and — BAM! From every direction I find it is reality! What, in heaven’s name is a tinny to do???

    (Here is the cause of another hat going up for auction as a collector’s item: )

    My afterthoughts: So much of what was first rumored about police corruption of former Police Chief of Salisbury, David L’Esperance was, for years, presented as just the whim of dissatisfied constituents and conspiracy people — and now look, they were right–Another beautiful tinfoil hat bites the dust.
    I understand this guy terrorised others in a county over, too?? Has L’Esperance really opened a law practice now? Great, that just makes all those fighting for justice look like whiners and liars; but people are beginning to know this move is purposed to discredit. Report him to the State Bar if he is practicing law. Demand answers.

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