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They did WHAT?!?!

While most ‘constituents’ busied themselves readying for the long Independence Day week-end, Mass legislators who were likely focused on the same, passed a $30.6 Billion budget (actual budget is over $50 Billion), with less than 24-hours to review it.  The budget was released at 8PM on Thursday, and passed by noon on Friday.  Apparently taking their lead from Nancy Pelosi, the vast majority felt “We must pass it to know what’s in it”.   IF legislators even took the time to review the bill, they certainly allowed for no input from constituents.

Of the now 40 Republicans in the House, 38 voted for this budget with overwhelming support despite the budget being the largest budget ever passed.  Overwhelming support despite only having less than 24 hours to digest what was in the budget, … Overwhelming support despite the flawed numbers used for the medicaid “savings”.   Overwhelming support despite the budget creating a new state agency that will employ 500 lawyers, all who need health care, and all who will get a pensions.  All despite the Republican Party never offering an alternative budget during the proceedings.”    by: Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

ONLY Rep Lyons of Andover, and Rep Levy of Marlboro voted against this budget from the house, and exactly four State Senators voted against it, three of which were Democrats:  Senator Donnelly (D), Senator Fargo (D), Senator Pacheco (D), and Senator Hedlund (R).   Perhaps even more would have given enough time to study, or even read it, let alone hear from their constituents.

A rule change is clearly in order, and a week between the issuance of the Conference Committee Budget and the time when the House or Senate votes on something of this magnitude seems quite reasonable for a multitude of reasons, none the least of which is to allow for all, including constituents, to understand it.  But if nothing else, people MUST become more aware of how business is being done on the hill with their hard earned money, in these uncertain times.  Please try and inform those on both sides of the aisle!

Meanwhile, in the next state over, New Hampshire, DECREASED their budget, (down 11%) by more than twice the amount Mass INCREASED theirs, (up 5%).  For some it’s just a short drive for no sales tax.  For others it’s a great escape for all of the above reasons, including no income taxes.  What is Mass doing to keep or grow its population, dependent as it is on taxes?

On a brighter note, also from Rob Eno of Redmassgroup, there are some heroes that walk among us:

There is one member of the House that gets the need for us to offer a clear alternative to the Democratic leadership.  He’s often told me that given the choice between a Democrat and a Republican that votes with a Democrat Massachusetts voters will almost always choose the member of the majority party.  He fundamentally understands that in order to become the majority party, we need to stand for something.  This Thursday evening, that representative, Jim Lyons held a 2012 campaign kickoff cookout.   Tom Duggan, of the Valley Patriot took a video of his speech.  You can watch it below and see a vision for becoming the majority party in Massachusetts.

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4 comments on “They did WHAT?!?!

  1. Dan
    July 5, 2011

    The problem is not enough of the lemmings we send to Boston are able to do little more than complain or talk about issues. If something is important enough, or bad enough the people should show their displeasure by not voting for the budget, organizing protests or rallies and ultimately not supporting what the government does.

    I was raised a Democrat and became a Republican in order to support good candidates and good government. Republicans need to learn to protest a lot more.
    Government is a necessary evil in it’s best estate.

  2. integrity1st
    July 5, 2011

    Dan, reformed Dems are the BEST. They’ve seen it from both sides and know that while philosophically it all sounds good, it doesn’t work the way progressives want if we go bankrupt getting there because there’s more getting than giving. Which makes Rinos so infuriating. The R needs to mean something, and until they stand for something, they might as well wear the D. There’s no excuse for this vote even if it would pass despite their NO. Their NO could have meant something.

    As far as protests, it was hard enough work getting them elected in this state, but wouldn’t you think once elected, we wouldn’t have to protest to get them to vote right? And this was a big vote for them to reinforce R beliefs. We shouldn’t need to protest what should have been obvious!

  3. MH
    July 5, 2011

    Wouldn”t it be nice if these big spenders had to operate under Texas rules . In Texas the state government meets once every 2 years for 120 days to do the state business maybe that could keep their extravagant and wasteful spending under control. There should be a law that no bill can be passed without enough time to read and UNDERSTAND the possible effects of it.

  4. Dan Allie
    July 5, 2011

    Democrats protest and hold rallies. Tea Party groups protest and hold rallies. Republicans are way to sedate, polite or just don’t think that way. But the rest of the world does and expects to see opposition. Libyans, protest, everybody protests. Republicans go quietly into that great good night.

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