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They’re coming for your kids next

A recent study ranked Massachusetts the fourth least obese state, but regardless, Mass health officials approved new school nutrition standards that some say are among the toughest in the country.  Concurrently, discussions by some local experts propose that parents should lose custody of their obese kids, putting them in Foster Care.  Statistically kids are more likely to be sexually and physically abused on a percentage basis in Foster homes, than in their own homes, so there is a tradeoff, but who are we to argue that government doesn’t know what’s best for us.  Also worth noting is that the state gets Federal Funding for every kid put into the program, which some claim provides incentive to break up families, and make more kids wards of the state. 

Massachusetts often leads the country in policies and regulations such as the revised definition of marriage, and forced healthcare.  Often initiated with one intent, these government initiatives often overflow into, or cause problems in other areas.  For example, the original intent of Romneycare was to provide access for people without any health insurance, and hopefully reign in healthcare costs.  Romneycare, however, immediately evolved into forcing people who did have coverage to spend more.  AND, in addition to Massachusetts’ health insurance premiums being higher, on average, than elsewhere in the U.S. , they have grown at an even faster rate since the adoption of RomneyCare,[according to a report released by the state government]. 

Boston health regulators banned cigarette sales in drugstores and on college campuses, giving the city some of the most stringent antismoking laws in the nation, and these regulations will eventually lead to the extinction of cigar bars, though the commission revised the rules to extend from five years to a decade the grace period before those businesses will be closed.  The end result, businesses suffer the loss of revenue in those areas, while people go elsewhere for their wants, such as out of state to save on sales tax.

And oh, the irony as Boston’s Mayor expanded ‘his’ ban on sugar-sweetened drinks in schools to include all city properties and functions.  This sweeping restriction means that calorie-laden soft drinks, juices with added sugar, and sports drinks like Gatorade will no longer be offered in vending machines, concession stands, and city-run meetings, programs and events  even though the mayor himself, battling weight issues for years, claims he hasn’t had a glass of soda in two years!  Well then, maybe soda is not the problem, but the anti-obesity initiatives across the country, spearheaded by first lady Michelle Obama, are determined to tell us what to eat, as they,  obama-eating-burger-fries

never mind.

What is the government not going to influence or dictate?  Carney Hospital in Dorchester, as well as many others followed Menino’s lead and banned sweetened beverages on their hospital grounds, and more towns and cities are following suit.  One vendor said “the new plan could curb 20 percent of his business if officers and civilian employees begin bringing in their own sodas and eventually sandwiches, instead of buying them from him.”   But another blow to small business, and potential job creation or growth.

With a government that loves to dictate what we do, and a state that leads the way in such actions, without factoring in the unintended consequences, maybe, just maybe, we should draw the line at the taking of our kids.  In a more perfect world, it would have been drawn at freedom of choice, and those of us who aren’t FAT, could continue to have our sugar, but then that would be descrimination.  Easier to just tell us all what we can do/eat.


2 comments on “They’re coming for your kids next

  1. myloveforever
    July 13, 2011

    they have been taking our kids this is just thier new way to keep those federal funds flowing in ..

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