Save Our State of Massachusetts

Critical issues need YOUR attention

Letters to the editor and blog entries on news sites across the state are critical and timely to enlighten people to important issues that they otherwise might not be aware of.  They only listen when we make ourselves heard.  Election season is a little over a year away.  While it’s NEVER TOO EARLY to begin informing your neighbors about their friendly legislators’ positions on issues, it can, however, be too late to try to steer some bad policies from being promulgated if efforts aren’t taken to do so, NOW.

A recent, HUGE travesty is that Rules reform has been scuttled.

“Massachusetts House Democrats on Wednesday essentially signed the death warrant for a package of exceedingly reasonable ethics rules changes proposed by Republicans . . . “

There is no logical reason for this except to keep current corruption and improprieties unchecked, and rampant.  NO RATIONAL REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT could support this move.  Please read more here.

Officials now eye pumping up gas tax, and even T riders could face hikes.  Can ANYONE afford that right now???

“The last thing people need right now is more taxes piled on,” said Elliot Winer, a former Patrick adviser who’s now chief economist at Northeast Economic Analysis Group.  “People right now are hard-pressed to keep up with the rising gas prices as they stand.  It can bring more money, but at what cost?”

AND,  Cisco Systems is laying off approximately 16% of its workforce, some of which is in MA.  State Street is laying off workers and our unemployment rate is hovering at 7.6% while NH is at 4%.  Why is that?  Could it be their great infrastructure, their world-class universities, etc which we don’t have?  NOT!  Or could it be the outrageous mandates and taxes that we do have?!   YES, that’s it.

WE need to pressure Beacon Hill to STOP AND CUT the pain for businesses so they will want to STOP LEAVING (Fidelity!), and START COMING BACK to MASSACHUSETTS.

finally, in an unannounced and unexpected visit, Patrick shows up at hearing to urge lawmakers to pass immigrant tuition bill 

A blogger states:  Lots of high school graduates, including law-abiding US citizens, can’t afford to go to college right away. Those people get jobs. Some get a second job. Some join the military. Some go to night school. Some attend college when they’re older and have saved some money. 

Yep.  Been there, done that.  Illegals get all the breaks.


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