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Here, we were not so lucky.

Since we can’t rely on Lame Stream Media to make a big to do about this, here’s some very good news, (with some bad news of how they are attempting to UNdo the good news following.  We must stay vigilent and support WISCONSIN’s achievement for common sense to ever spread to HERE!)   By Chrissy the Hyphenated

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Chrissy’s Site Bites:

And those 27 jobs represent only ONE of Wisconsin’s school districts that has NOT had to lay off teachers to satisfy the hungry union beast.

Here, we were not so lucky. The individual teachers we talked to said they would be happy to sacrifice benefits to prevent lay-offs, but the union would have none of that. So some of our teachers will get fatter pieces of the pie whether they want it or not, their friends are now unemployed and, when school opens, there will be fewer teachers and fewer programs for the kids.

Meanwhile, we can trust the Laughing Stock Media to spin all this as greedy, evil Republicans breaking the backs of the poor and Democrat politicians claiming the unions just want what’s Best For The Children.

NOW, recall elections threaten to punish for this great outcome.  Please read below:

Across the nation, as states are struggling to balance their books without breaking state taxpayers, union leaders are blocking every single attempt for fiscal sanity. These unions are trying to defend their already bloated expense accounts on the backs of taxpayers and will do anything to keep the taxpayer-funded gravy train running.

One state that has made national news by standing up to such thuggery is Wisconsin under Governor Scott Walker. In an effort to target pro-Democracy members of the state legislature who voted for union reform legislation and the budget Reform bill, pro-union liberals are all out to defeat the Republicans who are vulnerable to a recall. Why? Because the Budget Reform bill addressed the $3.6 Billion deficit by requiring government workers to contribute a small percentage of their income to their healthcare and retirement benefits. This predictably resulted in a liberal uproar with Democrat senators fleeing the state, massive union sponsored protests and now recall elections.

If Democrats recall just three of the Republican seats in the election recall on August 9th they will control the upper house and may succeed in thwarting the necessary economic reforms Gov. Scott Walker and the legislature are enacting. Senator Dan Kapanke of Wisconsin’s 32nd district is one seat in contention this special election. This conservative is not afraid to do what is right. During his time in office he has remained faithful to the hard working values that the people of his district elected him to uphold. The Faith Family Freedom Fund supports Dan Kapanke and will be actively involved in his effort to retain his seat. On August 9th we have the chance to defend a true conservative.

On August 16th we can continue protecting taxpayers in Wisconsin when we have the opportunity to oust some of the Democrats who fled the state rather than vote on the economic reforms proposed by the governor.

Today you can help us help Dan Kapanke by donating to the Faith Family Freedom Fund. We will be running radio ads on his behalf two weeks prior to the election. Help us buy radio spots so that we turn out the conservative base he will need to win.

In Wisconsin, labor unions and liberal groups who have been hounding elected officials in recall elections are now hoping — by supporting an activist judge in next week’s election — to use the Supreme Court to strike down legislation passed by the Wisconsin legislature and signed by the governor. Faith Family Freedom Fund has been presented with a $25,000 matching gift to support conservative candidates. Double the impact of your gift and donate today!



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