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REPEAL Romneycare, and other To DO Items

DEBT CEILING –(Are We Tired of This Issue Yet?):

“Compromise” Debt Ceiling legislation passed in the Senate as expected.  If you thought the country was going to default, you’re probably pleased; if you thought the country wouldn’t—or weren’t worried about it, you may not be.  At any rate, we had all better plan on some long, hard campaigning to turn things around in 2012. IF you want to feel a little better about it, see this.   If you want a reasonable interpretation of what we got, go here.  If you want to know what the markets think, down 800 + points in the last six days, the dow down 265 points today, the day of the bill’s passage.  Well, okay then, if you really want to know, read this.  AGAIN, we had all better plan on some long, hard campaigning/EDUCATING to turn things around in 2012 . . . starting now, and with everyone you come into contact with.



While REPEALING “Obamacare” is still a high priority item on the “to do” list of Tea Party folks, Republicans, conservatives—and actually most Americans, we in Massachusetts are still stuck with “Romney-care”—the supposed “model” for the abominable excuse for health care a Democratic House & Senate forced down the throats of Americans a little over a year ago.   Well, I’m glad to say there may now be a glimmer of light at the end of the Romney-care tunnel—just maybe! 

According to WRKO this AM, the organization “Mass Citizens for Life” is in the process of certifying a petition to be circulated across the state (hopefully within the next 2 or 3 weeks or so) to put the REPEAL of ROMNEYCARE on the ballot in 2012.  Anne Fox spoke about this initiative on the radio this AM, and further information about the petition and how to sign it should be on one of the group’s websites by tomorrow.  Go to:       or   after tomorrow for more details.  Eventually there will be a related link:  to learn more specifically about the petition and how to sign it.   (Now even though we know how much attention Beacon Hill sometimes pays to petitions and the “will of the people”, there is no reason not to support this effort!  BTW, there may be a need for volunteers to collect signatures down the road, so if you’re interested, you can click on the “get involved” link that’s on all the websites>)



The “mainstream media” is out there every day skewing political reports to pump up the liberal agenda, so ANYTIME CONSERVATIVES have an opportunity to SHOWCASE THE OTHER SIDE OF A POLITICAL ISSUE, they should SEIZE IT WITHOUT HESITATION—Letters To The Editor, Comments on TV, Radio, & Newspaper blogs, Comments to Talk Show Discussions, Responses to “Questions To Readers”—USE ANY & ALL OF THESE YOU CAN TO SPREAD THE CONSERVATIVE WORD and CORRECT MISINFORMATION !

For the “locals”, the “Winchester Patch” online news is becoming more and more popular, with a wider and wider readership, and it has been running a “Question of the Day” for some time now.  Sometimes the “question” is political in nature, and when it is, everyone should take advantage of the free press and broad audience to promote the conservative point of view.  Case in point — today’s “question” is: “Will the Debt Ceiling Debate Affect How You Vote in 2012?”      If your answer is “HECK YES!!!—or something similar, go to:  AND MAKE YOUR OPINION KNOWN IN THE COMMENT SECTION!!!  We MUST ALL do this whenever we can to get the conservative facts out there as much and as often as possible!



And lastly, ANOTHER disaster in the making:

August 1, 2011
Bill would drastically restrict our choice of tenants

Important: Contact the Housing Committee Chairs
A bill before the State Legislature — S593 — would eventually lead to a drastic restriction on our choice of tenants.

S593 would be a slippery slope. It would apply to cooperative forms of housing now, but would set a dangerous precedent that could easily be applied to all rental housing in the state.

If applied to rental housing, our only grounds for rejecting a prospective tenant would be that they do not have enough income to pay the rent. We could not reject applicants on any other non-discriminatory grounds. We would be forced to accept sex offenders, players of loud music, persons with criminal records, people who bother neighbors, etc.

Remember the rejected co-op applicant on Beacon Hill?
He has hired his own lobbyist

A few years back, a man was rejected from becoming a member of a housing cooperative on Beacon Hill, not because he did not have the money to pay the rent, but because he was “new rich” and his money did not come from an old-time wealthy family. The cooperative wished to preserve a certain environment among its members.
Two years ago this same man filed a bill to change the law so that the only grounds for rejecting someone from a cooperative would be that they do not have the money to pay the rent and maintenance fees associated with the cooperative. That bill failed.For this session of the Legislature, this man has hired a high-power lobbyist and refiled his bill. He is the sole person pushing for this bill. But he does have money.

If the bill is passed, it would lay the groundwork for a similar bill to apply to all rental property.

What if we could not choose our tenants?
    No over-all picture of a tenant
If ability to pay were the only criterion we were allowed to use to decide who becomes our tenant, we would lose a valuable tool. We would not be able to exclude sex offenders, persons with criminal records, noisy persons, impolite persons, hoarding persons, persons with dogs or dangerous animals, and a host of other critera. There’s already a movement afoot to bar us from rejecting on grounds of a criminal record.
Especially if we live in the same building with our tenants, we would want to evaluate them on more than just financial grounds.

It’s a “slippery slope.” Applying financial-only grounds to cooperatives would eventually lead to applying those same restrictive grounds to rental properties.


Please contact the Housing Committee chairpersons
It will only take a few minutes of your time
Identify the bill number — S593. Tell them you are opposed to the bill and want them to vote against it. You can say one or two things about the bill that you oppose.


Representative Kevin Honan
House Co-Chair
Joint Committee on Housing
State House, Room 38
Boston, MA 02133

Senator James Eldridge
Senate Co-Chair
Joint Committee on Housing
State House, Room 413A, 617-722-1120

An email message is easy, but not as powerful as a phone call. A personal letter is the very best way to influence a legislator. Write an email AND make a phone call would be very powerful.


Action is how we will succeed!
Please join us in this effort.

Together we will win!
Lenore Schloming
SPOA President
Contact Information


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