Save Our State of Massachusetts

America the Beautiful in Newburyport

SOSMass would like to acknowledge and congratulate the following for their efforts made in the name of

America the Beautiful/ Land of the Free.

Submitted by Colleen Fallon, Chairman- Newburyport Republican Committee

Our efforts as United Conservatives do not go unnoticed and are more important than ever.
    As you know, The Newburyport Republican Committee participated, for the first time, in the Yankee Homecoming Parade. It was a great experience and a welcomed contribution to the parade ( by most). The NRC float was designed with the theme America the Beautiful/ Land of the Free .
      Everyone was thrilled when It won the award for the best theme!

I would like to acknowledge the many people who helped with this project. As a group, the parade subcommittee was determined and encouraging as they planned, designed, and implemented the float. Thank you to all that participated in every way! I want to give special thanks to a few individuals that gave so much of their time, talent, and effort.

Val Troyli as he designed and painted the 6 huge murals that attached to the RV illustrating this beautiful Country.
Katrina Johnson– assisted with the painting as well as designed and sewed the gown for the Statue of Liberty
Joe Vitka– Created the impressive, realistic liberty Bell and assisted in many aspects of building the float.
Bob Slagle– Contributed towards the supplies to decorate the float and candy. Also secured the use of many U.S. flags for a wonderful  patriotic look.
Dick Hordon– Volunteered his vehicles and construction talent as he helped turn a flatbed trailer into a parade float.
Madison Butts– Our lovely young Lady Liberty stood proudly on her platform in the rain representing a perfect statue of Liberty.
Kathy Hordon– organized a large collection of young parade participants that added so much fun to parade day.
Bob Spellman– Took spectacular photos covering all aspects of the project and the parade.

Many thanks to Everyone that helped prepare the float and participated on Parade day!  The best part of this project was the fun we had preparing for the float and marching along with it up High Street, even in the rain.

The reaction from the crowd was enthusiastic( Mostly).   The positive nature of our organization, of conservatism, and each individual came shining through Newburyport as our float rolled by.

I’ve attached only one picture, but many will be up on the website soon.

Take care and we will see each other this Friday at the NRC Beach Party.


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