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Prepare for Election FRAUD

Here’s what happened yesterday, and below that is what Worcester is doing to ramp up.  People need to take this very seriously as all the campaigning in the world can’t overcome corruption uninterrupted!

ACORN is back in the news

By Chrissy the Hyphenated  (Click graphics to embiggen for easier reading).

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So. Is ACORN out of business? Their lawyer and the court papers say yes. But ACORN watchdog Matthew Vadum (author of the new book about the group, Subversion, Inc.) says state chapters are reorganizing under new names and that these new groups are already working in ACORN’s old locations. We need to watch for them in 2012.

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Obama had more recorded ties to ACORN; I trimmed the list to make it simpler to digest. If you’re interested, google ACORN and Obama. You’ll get lots of hits. And some excellent political cartoons!

Just for fun, here’s Johnny, oops, I mean JAY . .

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This is probably the single most important issue for Mass. voters. Until we eliminate voter fraud, the average working citizen is not represented by our politicians. Thank you all for all your efforts in this difficult endeavor of cleaning up our elections.  Michael Long

Much was exposed with last November’s poll watching. Together, we are all building on this with poll watchers and poll workers and more training. Jim Knowlton has been actively recruiting poll workers as WRCC chair. Bonnie is scheduling more training as well.  Please read below and join in and help !  Thanks and Regards, Desiree

As you may be aware, we have had some great successes.  As a direct result of our efforts, Worcester completed the City Census and Street Listing and did the follow up required.  This means that voters who did not respond to the Census/Street Listing were send a follow up post card (two over time) and if they did not respond, they were placed on the “inactive” voter list.  This means at 45% of the Worcester voters are currently and for the upcoming election deemed “inactive” and must not only show some sort of an ID to vote on September 20th, they must each sign a form before they are able to cast their ballot.  Bonnie Johnson

Dear Commissioner Winant –

In response to City Solicitor David M. Moore’s January 10, 2011 letter to Mr. Rushford (copy attached), I am hereby requesting that the Worcester Election Commission conduct a fact-finding hearing either at the August 15th meeting date or a future meeting date, with results to be applied to the preliminary election to be held on September 20th and all subsequent elections.

The hearing should center on the following questions:

1. Does Neighbor 2 Neighbor “solicit votes, for or against, or otherwise promote or oppose, any person or political party or position on a ballot questions.” as quoted in Mr. Moore’s letter.   It is our belief that Neighbor 2 Neighbor (N2N) does solicit votes for certain candidates and we will present evidence to prove this.  If it is found by the Worcester Election Commision that Neighbor 2 Neighbor does “solicit votes, for or against, or otherwise promote or oppose, any person or political party or position on a ballot questions” then it is requested that N2N not be allowed to hand out any material, or wear any campaign or N2N logo in any way shape or form (tee shirts, sweat shirts, coats, etc.) within 150 feet of the voting booth.

2. To confirm that A) no one other than a voter carry in any sort of election material into the voting booth; B) that no material is handed out within 150 feet of the voting area; and C) that no voting material be obviously visible by other voters in the polling locations.  To clarify, in the prior election, N2N “assisted” voters by carrying in visible sample ballots with specific candidates marked, left these on chairs in the voting area and handed out these materials within 150 feet of the voting area.  This should not be permitted under our state laws as listed in the January 10th letter.  If the actual voter wants to carry in his or her own voting information (and it should not be easily visible) that seems legal.  Again, we will present evidence that visible sample ballots were carried in by the N2N people who assisted voters and this material was visible and left around voting areas.  This should not be permitted within 150 feet of the voting area.

3. To request confirmation that anyone assisting voters (especially N2N) are not allowed to speak to the poll workers.  The voter must speak for himself or herself.  Clarification is hereby requested as to what action will be taken if N2N (or any other “assistant to the voter”) chooses to speak for the voter as this was a common occurrence that poll watchers observed in the prior election.

I would appreciate knowing if the hearing date for these questions will be on Monday, August 15th meeting or if you will pick a different date for the hearing at the August 15th meeting.


Bonnie Johnson
Worcester Seven Hills Tea Party


5 comments on “Prepare for Election FRAUD

  1. jm
    August 11, 2011

    So glad this is being brought to everyone’s attention again–voter fraud of any kind needs to be exposed and dealt with–and the general public should be AWARE that it definitely DOES HAPPEN. It is SHAMEFUL that this has gone on for so long in our country. The only hope of ending it is with VIGILENCE, REPORTING, FOLLOW UP, EXPOSURE & LEGAL PUNISHMENT–ALL of which are CRITICAL to the attempt to rid our country of this despicable practice.

  2. MH
    August 12, 2011

    If you are a legitimste voter you should have no problem showing ID .It’s required to purchase liquor and cigarettes . No Big Deal. I’m sick of being ripped off in the elections.

  3. integrity1st
    August 13, 2011

    You said it MH. ANY legitimate voter would have no problem showing an ID, and any legitimate politician would support this requirement. Of course those that don’t depend on the FRAUD for their re-election, so what does that tell everyone of what they are about. Any legislator that doesn’t get behind this should GO!

  4. bob
    August 14, 2011

    In Wisconsin, our governor wants the legislature to pass a law requiring photo ID for voting, and the howls of outrage from the left are absolutely deafening, not to mention full of language that I would not repeat in polite company. Wisconsin has same-day voter registration, meaning you can walk into the polling place on election day and register right before you vote, so the lack of a photo ID requirement is especially bad. All it does is make fraud much easier to commit and get away with. The opponents of photo ID are screaming “RACISM!” because it will supposedly affect low-income people (code word for minorities) disproportionately. They whine and moan about all the people who will be disenfranchised if they have to show a photo ID to vote. What I want to know is, who are all these people who don’t have a photo ID? Doesn’t almost everyone already have a photo ID of some sort? I had to get one in 2006 for my then-12-year-old before she could get a passport to travel abroad, and it was very easy and inexpensive. Anyone who can’t be bothered to do something that simple has no business voting!

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