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Dembrowski talks back . . . and more

SOSMass wanted to be a bi-partisan site, with a heavy focus primarily on Save Our State of Massachusetts, BUT, in light of what is going on nationally, and even globally, that is easier said than done.  So here goes:


“highlight of the day” — on my way home from Woburn, there was a car with a HUGE roof-top sign on it that said “Impeach Obama”—Honk If You Agree!  The cacophony of horns was deafening!!!!!

Republican Presidential Candidate Debate Tonight

as followed by the Democrats – very interesting


Dembrowski Answers Back:   Along with many of you—thank you all—Gerry Dembrowski, candidate for the 7th Congressional District (against Ed Markey) spoke back in a Letter to the Editor in the “Natick Patch” against John Kerry and other liberals who have been wrongly blaming the Tea Party for the S&P downgrade of America’s credit rating.  This is SO CRITICAL in exposing the left’s unrelenting false accusations against anyone except its own people—and in exposing AND defending in particular one of the strongest group supporters of fiscal responsibility our country has seen in years.  Read Gerry’s piece at:

A New Republican on the Campaign Trail:

Larry Giunta has thrown his hat in the ring as a candidate for Newburyport City Council and will be looking for support in the months ahead.  Guinta was instrumental in mobilizing conservatives in Newburyport, and surrounding towns, serving as Chairman of the NBPT Republican Committee, and as an adviser to many a candidate in past and upcoming elections.  His grasp on the fundamentals of good government, and politics in general make him an ideal candidate for bringing much needed sensibility to public office. Your feedback on a questionnaire/survey that can be found at: would be welcomed.  It allows you to sign up for any/everything from displaying a bumper sticker for him to mailings, etc.

Even if you don’t live in Newburyport, you can display a bumper sticker—especially if you have occasion to be the that area, so go to the website and see if there’s something you can do to help—then if you have family/friends in the Newburyport area, please ask them to do the same.  EVERY Republican candidate willing to stand up and help get our cities/towns, states, and country back on track deserves whatever assistance you can give them!!!  My bumper sticker is ordered!

…And Another…Rick Perry for 2012:

You may remember an “e-bulletin” from several weeks ago, when I wrote that Rick Perry (Governor-TX) might well become a Presidential contender somewhere down the road.  Well, down the road appears to be here.  According to “Boston Talks” at radio 96.9 this afternoon, the Associated Press is reporting that Rick Perry will indeed be a candidate for President.  That announcement is expected to come from the Governor himself this weekend, so keep an ear open for that!

In the meantime, If you aren’t familiar with Perry, here’s a “repeat” of the glimpse of him in my “e-bulletin” last June 21.

“The Buzz from the Wings”:  Now there are several Republicans who have already declared themselves candidates for the presidential race—and some very solid ones to be sure—but there are also a few “undeclared” potential contenders that seem to be still “waiting in the wings”.  There was buzz this weekend about one in particular that could possibly take this race to the next level.  That buzz is about Rick Perry, 3-term Governor of Texas.  Perry, 61, born & bred in the Lone Star state, might just be the star of the party—and the country—has been waiting for, with the experience and enthusiasm to keep liberty and freedom alive while allowing “we the people” to make it thrive starting in 2012.

Perry is reportedly a mainstream conservative but one that has successfully courted Christian evangelicals AND the Tea Party movement.  He received the biggest standing ovation at a conference attended by candidates such as Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain and Ron Paul. At the end of his speech, the audience chanted: “Run, Rick, run”.

While the country’s unemployment rate still hovers at 9.1%, Texas under Perry’s governorship continues to attract jobs and added 254,000 in the last year. The state also accounted for more than a third of all new jobs in the US over the last 2 years.

If you’re not familiar with Perry, go to:   then scroll down to the 2nd picture and click on it to play the video of the speech he made at the Republican Conference in Louisiana last year (prior to the 2010 national elections).  His words then, are still timely now.

It’s also interesting/important to note (particularly if you’re a teacher, especially in MA,—or if you have children in the MA public school system) what Gov. Perry said in a speech at the Education Service Center about revamping Texas public education under the “one-size-fits-all” national educational plan from the Obama administration entitled, “Race to the Top”.   Keeping students’ best educational interests top priority, Perry announced that the state would not apply for federal “Race to the Top” funding, because he believed the state’s own communities should reserve the right to decide how their children should be educated rather than surrender that control to the “federal bureaucracy.”   He described the “Race to the Top,” as a “sprint to the middle, because rising costs of a one-size-fits-all approach to education would leave Texas students poorly prepared to compete in the global economy.”

In January 2010, he said, “Texas is on the right path toward improved education, and we would be foolish and irresponsible to place our children’s future in the hands of unelected bureaucrats and special interest groups thousands of miles away in Washington, virtually eliminating parents’ participation in their children’s education.  If Washington were truly concerned about funding education with solutions that match local challenges, they would make the money available to states with no strings attached.”  For more information, go to: 

Those of us in MA no doubt remember that Governor Patrick jumped right on the band wagon to “Race to the Top”, even though MA had one of the best public educational systems in the country, thereby sacrificing our top-notch system for the Washington “nationalized one” after being enticed by the usual “federal funding incentives” the state would receive by adopting the program—because in his wisdom, Patrick decided that more money and a system inferior to the one already in place would be better for MA students(?). 

More information on Rick Perry abounds on the internet so there is no lack of places to learn more about him, however, it sounds as if we all may be HEARING and SEEING more of him in the near future—something that may be a VERY GOOD thing for Americans trying to get the country back on the path to prosperity as well as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”!

Good sources of information are:      and

Perry “Bio“ in brief:   Raised in Paint Creek (small farming community north of Abilene);  Graduated Texas A&M University-Animal Science major, member of Corps of Cadets-1972;  Flew U.S. Air Force C-130 tactical aircraft for U.S. in U.S. and Middle East between 1972 & 1977;  Served as representative for rural West Texas district in TX House of Representatives-1985;  Elected for first time to statewide office in 1990;  Served as Texas Commissioner of Agriculture for two terms;  Elected Lieutenant Governor of Texas;  Elected/Serving as Governor of Texas (3 terms) Elected/Serving as Governor of Texas (3 terms).    Governor Perry is an Eagle Scout and lifetime member of American Legion Post #75.   He has a reputation for tough talking and ruggedness. He also reportedly jogs with a laser-sighted pistol in his belt and shot a coyote during a run last year.

Pretty “versatile” guy if you ask me—just sayin’!



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