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Perspective is EVERYTHING

There are those who can legitimately criticize the Bush administration.  There were definitely issues, but Desiree’s perspective is worth pondering:

The one thing I take exception to is “George Bush Jr.” being on this list. First, he’s not a junior. He’s a W.  I don’t like seeing him lumped in with a bunch of catastrophes or awful events or failures.  I did not agree with W. on some of the spending or his immigration policy, but the financial mess late in 2008 had more to do with Sen. Chris Dodd and US Rep Barney Frank and the mess with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In 2005, US Senator John Sununu (R-NH) pushed legislation to rein in Fannie and Freddie with Bush White House support, but the Democrats in the Senate blocked it and filibustered, and two of the US Senators who blocked it were Obama and Biden. Overall, President George W. Bush did many good things including across the board tax cuts and keeping this country safe throughout his Presidency after 9/11.  The policies he implemented on rendition, the Patriot Act, surveillance, keeping the terrorists in GITMO, and many others stand today, because they’re right.  I’m so glad VP Dick Cheney was out there speaking up in 2009 defending Bush administration policy. I could list many other accomplishments of Bush’s two terms.

Bush’s poll numbers are up, and I think people have had some time to reflect.  Moreover, I think history will be kind and positive on his Presidency.  I just get dismayed when I see something like this, because quite frankly, I’m fed up with the Democrats blaming him for everything, and Obama is the worst offender.

President George W. Bush deserves better.

On another matter, the issue of the United States’ credit rating came up:

SOSMass says, Hold on now, the President has a plan!  After he gets back from vacation, and then some, he will tell us what it is.  No rush, not like the market is crashing or anything, and the economy is just great.  JOBS?  # 1, TOP PRIORITY, (can’t you tell?)  Hang in there, the president has got a plan.  He will let us know any day now, after all, what’s the rush.  Meanwhile, read this: 

FINALLY—THE PRESIDENT’S “JOBS PLAN”—COMING TO YOU IN SEPTEMBER:  According to an article in the Washington Post on August 18, 2011, the President’s plan due out next month is “another stimulus”.  A staff writer reported that Obama “has decided to press Congress for a new round of stimulus spending and tax cuts as he seeks to address the great domestic policy quandary of his tenure: how to spur job growth in an age of austerity.”  He added that some other “ideas such as providing mortgage relief for struggling homeowners could come through executive action”—REALLY, executive action, AGAIN?  Read more at:…another-stimulus/411343153869595763.html


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  1. bob
    August 22, 2011
    • bob
      August 22, 2011

      Oops, sorry — the image didn’t come through (I still haven’t got the hang of embedding an image in a comment).
      Here’s the link…

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