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Action Alert on Illegals

See yesterday’s post, and way to go MH!  Here’s Judy, but first, it should be pointed out, that Bill O’Reilly, likely through not knowing about the three prior arrests, missed the boat on when and why an illegal immigrant should be deported.  O’Reilly and others are focused on the threshold of the crime/felony, and are citing the illegal immigrant’s conviction of assault on a police officer as what should have set off the bells and whistles for deportation.

UPDATE: Keep calling . . .

Even after the horror from Milford, Patrick says “no.”  … Matthew Denice died because of politics. Shameless, blatant, special-interest politics. Take away the politics of Beacon Hill Democrats sucking up to a key constituency, and this becomes a non-issue.  What could be less political than “enforce the law equally for everyone?”   [Michael Graham]

The threshold SHOULD NOT BE that ONLY criminals are deported.  Those who are here illegally have already committed the crime of being here illegally!  Don’t for a second think that we could get away with that in any other country once caught.  It seems only the US doesn’t control its borders, and those that do, get SUED! , , Sheriff Arpaio sued by Obama’s “political machine”

And, here’s 84 year-old granny, who  ” . . . directed a female-dominated ring that prosecutors say led 80 people a month to the Los Angeles area … for more than 40 years . . .”  What do people think that’s costing us as California faces bankruptcy.  Those that think closing our borders and deporting ALL illegal immigrants to be too harsh should consider how we can be of help to those seeking a better life and opportunity here, while we are imploding from within and unable to support our own, i.e., the debt crisis and entitlement programs beyond our capacity to support.  As the saying goes, you can’t save others if you can’t save yourself FIRST.

In the instant case, where 23-year old Matthew Denice met his tragic, brutal, and horrific death at the hands of an illegal immigrant, the immigrant had been arrested for driving without a license THREE, (3), times.  If on the FIRST time he was deported because he was here ILLEGALLY, not only would Matthew still be alive, but many re$ource$, including those related to police being assaulted, would have been spared. 

No, it’s not good enough to pick and choose who can go and who can stay.  ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL, and it needs to be enforced equally for all.  But, the rhetoric here is to give them free tuition, healthcare, housing and more, and in the case of Obama’s aunt, all of the above, and then permission to stay, instead of ENFORCING THE LAW.  Funny how actual citizens of the US are subjected to, and prosecuted for more laws than most even know exist, but illegals are catered to until the corpses come home! 

Let Matthew Denice’s completely unnecessary and avoidable death count for something.  Take action NOW.  HERE’s Judy with how:

Howie Carr said it this way in today’s Boston Herald: “It’s going to take some politician’s kid getting killed by a drunken illegal alien before the hacks finally figure out that there’s a mighty big problem here.  You know what happened in Milford on Saturday night. A totally smashed illegal from Ecuador is accused of running a stop sign and mowing down a 23-year-old American on a motorcycle, and then proceeding to drag him, screaming, under his truck for a quarter mile.  When the illegal finally ran off the road, the American became disentangled. He was still alive. But then the illegal backed his truck back over him, according to prosecutors.  Told later he’d killed [the motorcyclist] Matthew Denice, cops say the illegal shrugged.”

This horrific and unnecessary death proves yet again that the title of Carr’s article is true“Gov. Deval Patrick’s stand on illegals is indefensible.”   Of course Patrick is not the only authority shirking his duty on this issue.  Just last week President Obama made another “executive decision” that allowed him to determine which illegal immigrants should be deported and which ones shouldn’t—See:

However, Massachusetts is one of only a handful of states that have not adopted the “Safe Communities” program to afford its own resident citizens some protection against these types of incidents—and the only way to change the current situation is to SPEAK UP ABOUT IT and work at it “one step at a time.” 

As of 6:00 PM tonight, there were 392 comments to Carr’s column on the Herald website.  His column and comments can be read at:

A related article can be found at:


Senator Scott Brown is SUPPORTIVE on this issue,




Gov. Duval Patrick:  Phone – 617-725-4005   

Atty. Gen. Martha Coakley:  617-727-2200

MA Rep. Jason Lewis: 617-722-2017   (or YOUR district rep.)  

MA Sen. Pat Jehlen:   617-722-1578    (or YOUR district rep.):  

Rep. Ed Markey:  617-396-2900 (MA office)   (or YOUR district rep.) 

Senator John Kerry:  617-565-8519 (MA office)

Of course, you can also contact Sen. Brown (617-565-3170—MA office) and THANK him for his SUPPORT on this CRITICAL issue—AND—you can do the same for Bill O’Reilly, who let the entire nation know on his show this evening how outrageous this situation is.


3 comments on “Action Alert on Illegals

  1. jm
    August 25, 2011

    Made my calls–now let’s ALL keep the phones ringing off the hooks in MA on this.

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