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Mass cries “Uncle”, will Obama?

UPDATE 9/9/11: Obama’s uncle released from a Massachusetts’ jail two weeks after being detained by federal immigration officials for allegedly violating an order to return to his native Kenya.  No officials would say where he went, and neither neighbors or co-workers have seen him.  Federal officials have said he was ordered to leave the U.S. nearly two decades ago.


Massachusetts barely had time to mourn the outrageous, and completely avoidable death of 23 year old, Matthew Denice when we were hit by a hurricane that forced Obama to shorten his “vacation” here, and return to work?  Concurrently another Obama related hurricane of sorts was developing.  Within days of Sheriff Lew Evangelidis declaring at a press conference, “I’m not waiting another moment – I’m going to protect all my citizens in Worcester County by taking 5 seconds to sign up for SECURE COMMUNITIES so we never have to face the possibility of another incident where a drunk illegal kills one of our citizens. . . “ another illegal immigrant caught drunk driving in Massachusetts almost veered into a police cruiser.  The offender, no other than Obama’s uncle!

Obama [the uncle, NOT the President] has a federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrant for his arrest. ICE has previously ordered him to be deported back to Kenya.   Read more:

Showing AGAIN, that MORE than we need an immigration policy that only deports illegals on the basis of their committing serious crimes, WE NEED AN IMMIGRATION POLICY THAT DEPORTS ILLEGALS FOR BEING ILLEGAL, BEFORE THEY COMMIT CRIMES, AND/OR HURT OR KILL SOMEONE.  Meanwhile, even President Obama’s loose policy for illegals being deported is being fought by those in power in Massachusetts:

In opposition to the Patrick-Murray administration’s pro-illegal alien stance, Sheriff Evangelides now joins GOP Sheriffs Tom Hodgson and Joseph McDonald in utilizing the Secure Communities program. Patrick and Murray are not the only ones placing illegal immigrants above the public safety of all Massachusetts residents.   The majority of the Democrats in the State Legislature also sided with illegals when they voted against implementing the Secure Communities program initiated by President Obama.
An amendment proposed by Representative Poirier in April aimed to withhold funding from the Governor’s office unless Governor Patrick went ahead with Secure Communities. The amendment failed 73 to 84.
(Y= in favor of implementing Secure Communites)

And so, in the face of the devastating death of Matthew Denice, and before an Open Letter to President Obama from former Mass State Rep Marie Parante was likely read, we have another avoidable scenario where the “Obamas” could potentially spare lives, and Mass ‘legals’ much aggravation and expense, and obviously, mourning.  See Video regarding the fact that Obama’s uncle, while here illegally, had a SS # and valid driver’s License.

Open Letter to President Barack Obama

by Justice For Matt on Monday, August 22, 2011 at 6:08pm

Letter to President Obama from Marie Parente

It is obvious you appreciate the beauty of Cape Cod, especially Martha’s Vineyard.

Milford resident, Matthew Denice, 23 years if age, will not be visiting the “Cape” anytime soon.

You see, Mr. President, for the first time in my adult life (83 years old) I am ashamed of what my country is allowing to flourish within our borders.

Over the week-end, an unlicensed inebriated illegal alien drove his pick up truck past a Stop Sign and smashed into a 23 year old young motorcyclist, Matthew Denice, Debbie Lane, Milford, Ma who had the right of way.

The illegal alien driver dragged the young man, pinned under his truck for over a quarter mile and when he ran over a curb, Matthew’s mutilated body dropped onto the sidewalk, whereupon the drunken illegal driver, in an effort to flee, ran over the mortally injured young man. The illegal alien driver was apprehended several streets beyond the sidewalk horror, after running a police barrier

This is not the first time an illegal alien has killed one of our law abiding citizens. Milford’s first tragedy occurred a year or so ago, when another unlicensed illegal alien ignored a Stop Sign and drove her SUV through an intersection and plowed into a car driven by Richard Grossi, 55 years old, who died from his injuries? I am reminded by our local police department that a third Milford person was killed by an unlicensed alien driver within this two year period of vehicular carnage,

In case you missed it while touring our Cape Cod Shoppes, two young Americans were given eight years of prison time for straying across Iran’s borders. In this country we spent $320 billion dollars last year providing illegal border crossers with a full menu of benefits.

Mr. President, our 28,000 person community has been seriously impacted by approximately, 3,000 illegal aliens who have heavily impacted our schools, housing and hospital where they receive free health care at the same time you are thinking of cutting our healthcare benefits.

Recently, you have taken steps to give in-state tuition and a form of amnesty to illegal aliens and their children. Your actions are seen as an open invitation to illegal aliens who are pouring over our border before law enforcement curtails their easy entry and wide array of public benefits.

Matthew Denice, dead at the age of 23, his life cut short by a drunken illegal alien driver was a recent graduate of Framingham State University and a six year employee of Rite-Aid Pharmacy. He loved the Celtics and the Boston Red Sox. He was seen by his peers, as a genuinely good human being.

Many young people, saw you in a different light, but now….they see you giving aid and comfort to illegal alien lawbreakers….one of whom killed their beloved friend.

Please take a few hours to come to Milford, Mass, and explain to Matthew’s family and friends why law abiding Americans should stand by and see millions of illegal aliens,, accessing all forms of public assistance, and “get away” with such heinous crimes? Matthew’s family and friends are inconsolable. “How can this happen, they ask, “we obeyed the laws of our country, registered to defend it and the President is catering to those who disrespect our way of life, take our jobs, our tax dollars and our lives. Our young people have established a Facebook Website entitled “Justice for Matthew.”

What about you, Mr. President, what words of wisdom do you have to soothe Matthew’s family and our young people as they come face to face with your largesse to lawbreakers? Amnesty indeed!


One comment on “Mass cries “Uncle”, will Obama?

  1. MH
    August 30, 2011

    You’ve said it all this is heartbreaking and it must stop now before another American is sacrificed to the illegal invaders for political purposes.

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