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Desiree Rocks the Voter Fraud!

SOSMass salutes Desiree as someone who is destined to make a difference in the integrity of elections in Massachusetts.  Of course those that know her, know she’s up to way, way more on all fronts of Saving Our State . . . and country, but here’s from just today:

Hi Folks,

It was a terrific Tea Party Express rally, even in the rain. We appreciate the Express funding the tent at Lincoln Square. I am processing video and pics and will email tonight.

Something of note on the Voter Fraud subject…..

Tea Partier and Republican US Senate Candidate Sharron Angle who ran against Harry Reid in Nevada in 2010 was one of the speakers. Prior to her speaking, Sharron Angle spoke one on one with many of us under another adjacent tent. She was also interested in what we are doing at the grassroots and asked our background and what we are involved in. So, without getting into detail, I basically told her I’m an engineer by profession, been volunteering at the grassroots for a long time, was a Deputy Campaign manager for our congressional candidate in this district in the last cycle, and have been very busy with Voter Fraud and Secure Communities.

She was very interested in what was found with Voter Fraud here, and I gave her a brief summary about the 200 poll watchers from the congressional campaign volunteer list and what was found with N2N, the 12 page memo filed with the Commission, the work being done with the Election Commission and Secretary of State, and what is ongoing, etc.

Sharon Angle said she is doing a film documentary and would like to include Worcester, Massachusetts voter fraud, and asked if she could interview me on camera. I said sure. We did it right there. She called her team over, and she asked me a number of questions for about 10 minutes and got it on film. Her assistants took down my name, phone number, and email address. She also gave me her personal email address and would like me to contact her and provide more info, like that 12 page memo and other documentation, and discuss more on the phone, etc. She also gave me a copy of her new book “Right Angle”, and inscribed it.

A few pics attached. As I find out more about her documentary, production, and release, I’ll send that out.

More soon on the whole rally.

Regards, Desiree

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