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Mass AG claims voter ID UNconstitutional

Voter ID laws have been passed this year in Texas, Alabama, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee and Rhode Island, but in Mass, so far they are deemed UN-Constitutional as explains below.  But first, a moment to appreciate how Americans, and even better, Mass residents, are taking action to get out information often ignored by Lame Stream Media:

I’m just your basic little old grandmother.  I have three grown children, each with families.  I have nine grandchildren, ranging in age from sixteen to one.  Each of my children’s families is unique and represents unique challenges in raising a family in America today.

One family lives in Massachusetts where I live.  The cost of living is high, taxes are high, and they juggle children, careers, and family time.  Another family lives in New York and deals with the same high taxes and high cost of living.  They also struggle to find time for family, work, and play.  Another family is in the military and is currently stationed in California.  They deal with moving every few years, family separations, and the stress of having a family member in the military.

I started this blog because I felt that the information we as Americans need to make good decisions on voting for people and on issues was not always getting out in a fair and complete manner.  This blog represents my effort to provide background and additional information about the issues all of us are asked to make decisions on every day.  I hope it helps.

When Did Voter Identification Become Unconstitutional ?

Posted on September 9, 2011 by

The Attleboro Sun Chronicle reported today that Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has declared unconstitutional a ballot initiative filed by Mansfield Selectman Olivier Kozlowski that would require voters to show government-issued identification at the polls.

These are the same government-issued identification needed to rent a video, buy alcohol or cigarettes, board an airplane, or collect a welfare check. Why is it unconstitutional to have to show that same identification to vote?

The article reports:

Supporters of the measure still need to collect the signatures of 68,911 registered voters by Dec. 7 and, assuming lawmakers do not approve the measure first, then an additional 11,485 signatures by July 2012.

Kozlowski said the SJC has an expedited appeal process for ballot initiatives that will allow him to gather signatures while the measure is under review.

I hope this measure eventually becomes law. I don’t want anyone discriminated against or any hurdles put in front of anyone who wants to vote, but I want to make sure that every legal vote is counted and not cancelled out by an illegal vote. There have been many incidents in the state where people have gone to vote and been told that they have already voted. This law is needed.




5 comments on “Mass AG claims voter ID UNconstitutional

  1. Olivier Kozlowski
    September 11, 2011

    Thank you so much for posting this! I can tell you that this is NOT over. I am filing an appeal with the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and the Attorney General’s office has indicated they will agree to an injunction that lets us collect signatures anyway – just as if she had certified the question. So stay tuned. We have a tough fight ahead, and lots of signatures to gather in a short time, but it’s definitely not over. Check out the Voter ID MA group on Facebook or send e-mail to
    – Olivier Kozlowski (author of the voter ID question)

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  3. unk
    January 5, 2012

    because voting is a right,renting a video and boarding a plane are privelages,comprende?i dont understand all the confusion on this issue,if you require id to vote you must supply id at no charge,massachusetts will not do this because of cost and loss of punishment tool that can be inflicted on its citizens.

    • Gail Burke
      February 8, 2012

      You may have missed the point. In order to cash a check, board a plane or rent a video you need to show a photo ID. That means that anyone who participates in these and many other activities already has an ID. The number of people who don’t is miniscule. Why should taxpayers have to fund anyone? Is it discrimination to require an ID to rent a video or cash a check? Of course not! Why should anyone think it is to show an ID to vote?

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