Save Our State of Massachusetts

URGENT online petition

Why are corrupt police so dangerous?  Because people’s LIVES, never mind liberty, are often determined by THEM.  Sign this petition today, and always, ALWAYS, fight for justice.   

Do not execute this man, or ANYONE, unless there is not a shadow of doubt of their guilt!

Just imagine if the likes of this MASS cop (described below), determined whether you lived or died!

*UPDATE on Dirty Police Chief Watch 

MEANWHILE: the beat goes on from the ‘origins’ of L’Esperance and those who helped his rise to power:

West Newbury selectmen, ousted official hold private meeting Against the wishes of one board member, selectmen met behind closed doors with former Finance Director Tracy Blais late Atwood brings complaint over ‘off-record’ discussion » Local News Atwood filed a formal Open Meeting Law complaint to the town clerk’s office Monday Selectmen need to practice open government » Opinion Yet West Newbury selectmen refused to release the audit to the public. The town’s lawyer is arguing that the audit is a draft, and,

Documents discovered about police » Local News » NewburyportNews The file, found in the selectmen’s office by Selectman Tom Atwood, may indicate a Atwood, who said he discovered the folder in a desk drawer one evening while

Officials seek answers on probe of former police chief » Local  L’Esperance, 51, was arraigned last week on two felony and two misdemeanor counts of larceny. Three of the charges stem from allegations he

Justice moves too slowly in police probe » Opinion Since December, when L’Esperance was placed on paid leave from Salisbury police and the probe of the allegations began, there has been a

L’Esperance investigation digs deeper » Local Prior to being hired five years ago as Salisbury’s chief, L’Esperance had worked for more than 20 years in West Newbury. He retired earlier this

Wading into West Newbury’s political quicksand » Opinion West Newbury’s political turmoil has opened a Pandora’s box. Now it’s time for it to live with the detritus…

From Daily News August 30, 2011:   A request by Atwood to have a discussion on the status of the audit put on the agenda for last Wednesday’s meeting was rejected by Knowles. Atwood asked that the chairman provide a list of outstanding actions that need to occur before the audit can be released and a time line for when they will be completed, to which Knowles responded, “so noted.” A public documents complaint filed by The Daily News after a request for the audit was denied by town counsel is being reviewed by state officials.

The board acknowledged receipt of a letter from Kristi Devine calling for a forensic investigation into the police department and possible abuses of power by L’Esperance and other officers. Both Knowles and Cushing declined to discuss the letter in detail until they had a chance to review it with town counsel and notify the police chief so she could be present for the discussion.

“It advised L’Esperance that he was not going to be covered by the town’s professional liability insurance coverage for a lawsuit from plaintiff Jeffrey Phaneuf,” Harrington said. “The particular letter would have raised a level of concern on my part if I’d seen it during the background check.”

September 9, 2011: 

Selectmen deny Devine’s bid for independent police probe, and L’Esperance case delayed once again

(Special note:  on all of the links to newspaper articles provided, there are bloggers, often adding to information not otherwise in the articles.)

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