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MTA, JOBS, and our YOUTH

If I didn’t have a kid in college, and his friends, who through some miraculous process understand how our country and freedoms are being eroded and how important this next election is, I would give up all hope after seeing that The Massachusetts Teachers Association supports Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Boston and similar protests across the country…   It truly is no less than a miracle when you consider what my son’s generation grew up with contrasted to that of us who still remember the simpler days when we innocently played outside until the street lights came on, and riskee TV shows consisted of showing someone pregnant.

Our children are inundated with violence, sex, instant messaging delivering split second updates of every little thing from who’s having the party to sexting, and, on top of all that, the indoctrination of our school system, of which our children are completely oblivious, with the likes of THIS:

The MTA shares these concerns. We believe:

  • Strong educator unions are needed to defend the interests of our students, many of whom are not able to reach their full potential because of the lack of necessary resources and supports in their schools and communities.
  • Strong unions are needed to hold corporations and politicians accountable for how their policies effect working men and women.
  • Strong educator unions are needed to defend the interests of teachers, higher education faculty and other education staff – public servants who have been under attack in many states by those who mistakenly believe that organized labor is responsible for the country’s economic ills.
  • Progressive tax reforms are needed to make sure the wealthy are paying their fair share and to guarantee adequate funding for education and other public services that are essential to the successful functioning of our democracy.

Add to that, the support from sources who say: “I want to stipulate up front that I am firmly on OWS’s side. I don’t really know who its leaders are, and I don’t especially care. I don’t know its exact goals – a subject on which the movement has been roundly, and in my view pointlessly, criticized.” [emphasis added], and it is clear our youth are getting commentary and guidence from people who wouldn’t know or be concerned if the protesters were lead by the Taliban, let alone its goals!

Instead of teaching the Constitution, and how it provides, more so than any other document or policy, that our children can be and do anything in a country that through such brilliance of our fore fathers, paves the way for unbridled independence and freedoms (when the Constitution is adhered to), the schools are preaching and supporting the above!  The very best argument to that is HERE, and perhaps that is why my son, a football player, is somehow able to reason beyond the outrageous suggestion that “Strong educator unions are needed to defend the interests of our students.” HELLO?!?  The WSJ article linked above is a must read, and makes clear in simple terms why what the MTA and all teacher’s unions preach is the furthest thing from the truth which is:  that unions ONLY serve the teacher’s needs, first and foremost.  It is NOT about the kids!

But my son, and others cannot come out of this generation’s madness unscathed, as we so clearly see by all those protesting, and in what we don’t necessarily see or understand.  For example, for years I knew my son hated rich people.  I could never grasp where this came from, though I could clearly see where some jealousy was involved growing up and seeing the sharp contrasts between the haves and have-nots, he considering himself a have-not (as they ALL likely do).  Still, I tried to reason with him, and continually questioned why he hated them instead of aspiring to be them.

It was only very recently, with all this class warfare, that I realized this hatred for the rich emanated from years of something I could neither see, nor control; a school system indoctrination that was more powerful than anything a parent could overtly or subliminally pass to their children.  It was the Mass Teachers’ Association’s message that really drove that point home.  Without any meaningful instruction on history, including how time and time again, it is exactly those countries that don’t have such a defining document and rule of law as our Constitution, our children never get to understand what made this country so great, and all other country’s inferior in terms of personal freedoms and wealth.  Our children are not taught or shown how socialism, the stepping stone to communism, has failed everywhere it has been tried, and held back, or destroyed nations in its very process.

If history and the Constitution must be ignored, how about some current events?  Our teachers, and their unions aren’t showing our youth that the current protests, like those in Greece and elsewhere, are directly related to an economy imploding, and using it as a lesson in how it can be averted here.  They are encouraging us to become them, and follow the same demise.  How crazy is that, and these are the people that command the majority of our children’s time from pre-K through college!

For some, it is easier to give up, and say we are too outnumbered, our country is too far gone, or the next generation will have to fix what this generation has so blatantly broken.  But Steve Jobs’ death a midst this backlash of insanity should signal to our youth, if not the rest of us, some powerful messages, and be but another thing to be grateful to Steve Jobs for, and another reason to mourn his passing.  From Jobs we learn and/or see:

  • Life is too short – he died at the young age of 56.
  • Money can’t buy some things, like health, and the best healthcare can’t prevent many things, including the inevitable.
  • You can do, and achieve anything under the conditions that made America great, and finally, (while this is a very short list of the things that can be gleened through Jobs), he shows us that

without which there would not be all the people to earn the money that supports paving or needing to travel those same roads, or schools, that Elizabeth Warren claims the rich owe their success to!

Steve Jobs’ personal politics aside, it can’t be denied that no one, beyond Steve Jobs is likely to have CREATED MORE JOBS, PAID MORE TAXES, DONATED MORE TO CHARITY, and contributed more to the products we use from the roads we travel to the creation of  iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Air Port, or all the other technology now in use in our daily lives, developed to compete with Jobs’ creations.  Hence all the ‘JOBS’ created in the process.

Jobs founded, with his friend Steve Wozniak, Apple Computer at the age of 21.  It is valued at over $350 billion, and to put that in perspective relative to other massive companies for comparison, that is $100 billion ahead of Microsoft, almost double the $160 billion of General Electric.  Only in America as it was intended could such wealth accumulate to the greater good of the whole, and yet we must fight so hard to retain the principles that facilitated this, and fight government from taking that money to so ineffectively use, and waste it, and we are preached to begrudge the rich for attaining it.  Just look at the payback to all of us, on so many levels, that comes from just one man’s brilliance and ingenuity while Elizabeth Warran and her ilk scream HE owes US!  Has ANYONE given us more on the way to becoming rich?

Our teachers, and school system teach that the rich should be resented, instead of teaching that everyone should aspire to be Steve Jobs, and showing them how and why he got to where he is/was.

Many of us fear for the future of our children and country while the indoctrination of our children of the things that are well beyond what we as parents can shelter them from, take hold.  But I have hope, gratitude, and of course LOVE for my son, and his friends, who have at least shared with me that they get it, on at least some level.  They have assured me they know our country is in trouble and headed down the wrong path.  (God knows how, with what they have been brainwashed with, but maybe it’s because there are no JOBS any more).

For those that still don’t get it, the protesters, the liberals that think supporting government expansion and intervention into all aspects of life is the way to a brighter future for our country, and that the rich ‘owe us’, ask yourselves this: if left to the resources, ingenuity, control, and devises of our government, would they ever come close to accomplishing for others, what Steve Jobs has for us?  Go ahead hating the rich, and supporting more and more government intervention, but when you finally wake up, if it’s not too late, please tweet, text, or even send me a ‘Pixar Animation’ of it.  In the meantime, pass this message on to our children so that they may be the JOBS of our future.


3 comments on “MTA, JOBS, and our YOUTH

  1. James Buba
    October 7, 2011

    I too support Strong Teacher’s Unions. However, I part company with that support when they clamor for more money, claiming it is ‘For the Children’ and find that it only supports higher teacher salaries and payola by vairous school administrators as well as provide that ‘certain something extra’ that winds up as a campaign donation.

    The trend started about 30 years ago, the threat at first was the schools could not support sporting programs. The budgets and salaries were raised and guess what? New fees touted as ‘User Fees’ for every kid in a sports program. They milked that for a number of years and then started this ‘For the Children’ horse-pucky. No matter that Beacon Hill Insitute, at Suffold University; a bunch of ‘learned bait fish’ that are well poised and expert to apply some sense to the concepts. The chief finding or conclusion is that higher teacher salaries have no impact upon student performance.

    This doesn’t stop them from complaining that they need more money. This doesn’t stop them from taking State Grants (READ: Higher taxes) to ‘hire’ contract teachers (READ: teachers from another school or district to take over for a teacher that is on contract elsewhere, on sabatical, sick or just plain tired of teaching this day, week, month) and of course the substitute teachers to fill in at the end of the list of ‘replaced’ teachers each and every turn resulting in overtime pay.

    It also doesn’t stop them from demanding a healthy stipend to do a rotten job coaching some sports program. It should be multi-tasking all the way. Teach class 2-3 hours a day and coach until you reach 8 hours each day. Nope, not them, they come in late (READ: habitual outside of those that have class at the starting hour) leave early and take long lunches plus 7 months off every years. It is a part time job with full-time pay and benefits. At the end of the analogy, the students are no better, most worse off than before we started jacking teacher’s salaries after the Plyer vs Doe decision in 1982.

    I think the Teacher’s Unions should be strong. Just not expertly funded. Union dues alone should be made by the teachers and not on thier behalf by payroll deduction. Supporting the teacher’s union religion needs to be separated from the State. The sooner the better, for coming soon, it will be a drastic cut in pay and the only benefit will be the sense of good will towards men.

    As it should be.

  2. Kamal Jain (@kamaljain)
    October 9, 2011

    What is important about “Ocuppy Wall Street” has nothing to do with public sector unions. They are involved now because of the role they have come to play in American politics, not in any way representing most of their membership nor the populace at large.

    As a long-time Tea Party activist, I see significant similarity in the genesis of Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party movements. As a long-time political observer and activist, I see that we, the American people, continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated by the powerful interests that have come to run our nation and have destroyed our democratically-guided constitutional republic.

    We have an opportunity to switch-off our televisions and radios, throw the newspapers into the recycling bin (or do something useful with them), and find common cause as individual Americans who want a strong economy and a safe environment for ourselves and our families.

    Because so many of us are tied to labels, we find it impossible to have an honest, reasoned dialog with those who may, in fact, share many of our core values.

    There are, in fact, major corporate influences that are in bed with government at all levels, and together they have profiteered and pushed our society and our very nation to the brink of destruction. These corporate influences most definitely include that of the public sector unions.

    Take the time to speak privately, respectfully and calmly with people who don’t appear to share your views and let them express their concerns. What you will find is a great deal of frustration, and a lack of clarity on HOW to fix whatever problems they see. They see the problems, but their ability to review the evidence and rationally consider it in pursuit of solutions is muddied by the the major influences that control and distort political discourse.

    In these times of uncertainty, there are those who advocate greater collectivism and state-mandated “equality”, which is anathema to all things American, but despite repeated failures and catastrophes of attempts to implement this around the world over the 20th century, it is still an attractive idea for those who believe in hope over reality and experience.

    The truly bad actors are the politicians and bureaucrats who for generations have enabled corporate control in public policy. Every one of the various factions of influence are in bed with our government, but their fight in public provides cover for that common underlying thread. With rare exception, they always manage to avoid being caught, called-out and prosecuted for their betrayals of the American people.

    Rather than focusing on the criminal wrongdoings which have transpired, we find ourselves pulled into the same old song and dance over and over again, only the music gets louder and faster with each passing round of the fight.

    We have an opportunity to heal our nation if we are wise and strong enough to recognize it.

  3. Bob
    October 10, 2011

    It’s just plain weird that kids claim to hate “the rich” while simultaneously idolizing Hollywood actors and actresses who earn $20,000,000 for every movie they make, singers and musicians who make millions with every concert they give or album they make, athletes who have multimillion dollar contracts with the teams they play for, etc. Looks like a case of cognitive dissonance to me.

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