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Occupy Boston

“Occupy Boston”:  Protesters in Boston, like those on Wall Street in New York City, have taken to the streets to demonstrate about—well a lot of things.   According to most media sources, their complaints are differing and many, although their anger over lack of jobs, taxpayer money wasted on bailouts for big banks, Wall Street greed and swindles in particular, and a belief that the federal government doesn’t care about its citizens seem to dominate some of the “more informed” rhetoric—some of them also want everything “for free”.   Several news media reports have said that union money and “reinforcements” are the motivation for many of the demonstrators, and there’s the suggestion that some backers may be attempting to encourage a “class warfare” mentality; but one thing seems certain—and Newt Gingrich put it pretty succinctly during the Republican primary debate—banks and Wall Street deserve only a portion of the blame protesters are attributing to them because the Obama administration was responsible for the bailouts to these groups, and because regulations based on old bi-partisan political policies were also instrumental in the cause and build-up of the economic crisis—including those tied directly to Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and former Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) .

Ros Krasny, reporting for Reuters said, “Protests across the country have objected to what they see as an unacceptable income gap between rich and poor [and demonstrators  have] also complained about the Wall Street bailout in 2008, which they say aided banks while average Americans suffered under high unemployment and job insecurity.”

According to Krasny’s article,  “Tensions boiled over early on Tuesday in downtown Boston, where police arrested more than 100 protesters after the Occupy Boston group expanded its footprint and was told by authorities to move back.”  The protest group claimed that “hundreds of police in full riot gear brutally attacked Occupy Boston”, but an 58-year-old small business owner, Michael Turner, who was on the scene, reported the police were “polite” and the situation was “calm.”

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An article related to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement came out after the Republican presidential primary debate with comments by candidate Newt Gingrich reported in a piece entitled,

“Gingrich Wants Bernanke Fired and Chris Dodd and Barney Frank Imprisoned” by Corbett B. Daly.  

Reporting for CBS, Daly said,  “Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Tuesday said he understood the anger expressed by the protestors on Wall Street – but said the real culprits who should be thrown from power are in Washington.”

Daly quoted Gingrich as saying, “If they want to really change things, the first person to fire is (Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben) Bernanke, who is a disastrous chairman of the Federal Reserve, the second person to fire is (Treasury Secretary Timothy) Geithner [and] if you want to put people in jail, I want to second what (Minnesota Rep.) Michele (Bachmann) said. You ought to start with (Massachusetts Rep.) Barney Frank and (former Connecticut Sen.) Chris Dodd [.]  The fact is in both the Bush and Obama administrations, the fix has been in. And I think it perfectly reasonable for people to be angry. But let’s be clear who put the fix in. The fix was put in by the federal government.”   For the full article, go to:


One comment on “Occupy Boston

  1. AllAlongTheWatchtower
    October 14, 2011

    What’s the arrangement for keeping the Boston Obamaville supplied with electricity?
    Is the city or our State paying for it?
    How long will it continue?
    What steps are being planned to counterract the big rally set for next Monday, Oct. 17th.?
    See the Anonymous/Guy Fawkes video for more info.
    How about turning off their electricity this coming Sunday?

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