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There’s little time left

One of the most obvious things we can do to stop voter fraud is require VOTER ID, and this may also be the easiest IF we simply each take a little time now to fill up one page with signatures for the petition.  There are only 17 signatures per page, so please, consider getting signatures for at least one page!  You could get relatives, friends and neighbors in one afternoon, but for the more ambitious, just take a few sheets wherever you go, (because you need one sheet per town), and you are sure to get many supporters whenever you ask them to sign.  Since the deadline is fast upon us, standing outside a busy shopping mall or grocery store would really help = )

This is not a hard topic or issue to broach, and getting a signature is not hard, however, here’s a Hot Tip:  Should you meet any resistance, just politely move on.  You are unlikely to convert the opposition and can save yourself a lot of time to get signatures far more readily and easily.

We need to collect LOTS of signatures, and there is little time left.  The deadline for signature gathering efforts is November 23.  This is an easy way to reduce the fraud we can count on in the very important upcoming elections if everyone would just grab a sheet and pitch in.  Here is a message from the sponsor of this initiative, and more information:

People can visit for information and to contact us. There’s also a FAQ section there. We can be reached via e-mail at

– While there are multiple voter ID bills pending in the state legislature, we’re doing this by means of the initiative petition process, in the hopes of getting the question on the
November 2012 ballot.

– Our question would require in-person voters to present ID and absentee voters would have to send in a copy of their ID with the ballots. In either case, voters who don’t comply
would be able to cast a provisional ballot.

– Acceptable forms of ID, under our question, would be limited to current and valid government-issued photo ID. So for example, driver’s license, RMV-issued photo ID or liquor ID, passport, gun license etc.

– All proposed ballot questions are subjected to a review by the Attorney General’s office, and ours was no exception. One thing that can not be done via the ballot question process
is interfering with the “freedom of election.” A.G. Coakley’s office felt that, for those who do not already have an ID that meets the criteria, and can not afford the $25 that the RMV charges for their cheapest ID, their “freedom of elections” would be impacted. They therefore refused to certify the question.

– There is an expedited appeal process to the MA Supreme Judicial Court, and I filed such an appeal. The court issued an order allowing us to collect the required signatures while
the appeals process is pending.

– So, like all other questions, we’re now in the process of getting at least 68,911 (good)
signatures. The SJC will wait to see if we do this and, if so, then they’ll consider the merits of the appeal.

– As you may know, the US Supreme Court upheld Indiana’s voter ID law in 2008. The Indiana legislature, however, included a free ID in their legislation. So the exact question presented here – a voter ID requirement with no free ID – is an unanswered question of law and clearly I differ with A.G. Coakley on how that should turn out.

– We have an additional argument. The SJC has recognized that the people, via the initiative petition process, have the same rights to enact legislation without court interference as the legislature does. It’s basically a separation of powers argument. Nobody
will be “aggrieved” by this requirement until after the November 2012 election,
and there are efforts underway in the MA legislature to address the $25 fee issue.

– The effective deadline for our signature gathering efforts is November 23. This is when we need to have signatures turned into the city & town clerks’ offices for certification. We
can take care of getting them turned in to the clerks’ offices, but if volunteers would like to help in that regard, we ask that they scan or copy both sides of each sheet before turning them in. This way we can keep a running tally and know what condition the sheets were in when they were turned in.

– Signers can be from any party – R, D, unenrolled, whatever – as long as they’re registered

– Each signature sheet must be dedicated to one city or town. Signers need to sign as registered to vote (ok to print next to the signature if signature is illegible) and write
their street address. No need to write city/town, as all signers on that sheet will be from the same town and no need to fill in the ward / precinct column. Signature gatherers should write the city or town in the boxes at the front bottom and back top and bottom.

– It is important to make sure there are no stray marks or stains on the signature sheets. The local clerks but even more so, the Secretary of State’s office, will throw out entire
sheets for a stray mark. That also means it’s not necessary to fill out all 17 lines on a signature sheet. If we lose a sheet because of a stray mark, it’s better to lose 10 names than 17.

– There are lots of opportunities coming up to collect signatures. Many towns are holding fall town meetings.

Oivier Kozlowski

If you are available to collect signatures for Show ID to Vote – on Facebook join Voter ID MA to volunteer or email Tom Weaver – or Helen Hatch –

Transfer stations, malls, and local events are the most productive opportunities to collect the greatest number of signatures for the time involved unless you want to go door knocking.

If you can’t stand out please take a sheet and have neighbors or family sign – if we each collect 5 or 10 signatures we will be able to exceed the number needed to get this question on the ballot.

And, as we see below, buying votes with our money is another option for THE ONE, so let’s at least take the votes of the dead or illegal off the table:

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel


3 comments on “There’s little time left

  1. MH
    November 11, 2011

    It’s a shame this is not better organized. I’ve seen people collecting signatures on other questions but not this one. I don’t know if we’ve just given up in Massachusetts or what. I am very discouraged and am ready to give up myself! It’s a lost cause I’m afraid. It’s time to move out of this liberal swamp.

  2. JT
    November 13, 2011

    DON’T GIVE UP!!! That’s exactly what the other side is hoping those of us who want to clean up the MA liberal swamp wil do! There are petitions out all across the state. If you haven’t encountered one yet, there are 2 things you can do: 1. Call a member of your Republican Town/City Commmittee and ask to sign a petition or ask where you can get one–(if you don’t kow a member, call your town/city clerk’s office and ask for a name), OR go to the website listed above for info. on how to get or sign a petition (or use e-mail address above to check on this or ask a specific question). We ALL have a stake in our state and have to help! In addition to signing a petition yourself, you could take it to your family/friends/neighbors and probably fill the whole sheet to turn in and be counted. Screaming at the TV while listening to the “swamp polluters” doesn’t help–I know!!! Our state needs YOU–and together we can all help each other with this clean up!

  3. Olivier Kozlowski
    November 14, 2011

    You can now go to the website,, and print up your own signature sheet to sign! There are explicit instructions on the website. If we can’t find you, you can find the website!
    – Olivier Kozlowski

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