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The Rabid Republican Blog’s name speaks for itself in terms of leaning, but this is offered on the basis and merit of being “news”, unlikely to be reported with much fanfare by Lame Stream Media, and well worth the read:

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Two No-Shows For Chair Debate  Posted November 14th, 2011 by ironmike

Sunday turned out to be a fine Republican day in the Commonwealth.

It was a 4-way debate hosted by the MRA for the announced candidates for Chairman of the MassGOP. Only two showed up.

In his opening statement Kamal Jain stunned the room with his surprise announcement that he was withdrawing and throwing his full support behind Frank McNamara. It was the classiest thing I’ve ever seen in Massachusetts politics.

You could have heard a pin drop! Kamal explained that he’d reached out and met with Frank, and after a long and thorough discussion of a wide rang of issues, – found them agreeing on over 90% of them.

Several hundred of our most ardent and hard-working Republican and Conservative activists responded with thunderous applause. And Frank hadn’t even spoken.

With Phil Dann and Bob Macginn missing, that left Frank to field questions from the panel.

I won’t go into detail, I don’t need to. From his opening statement and through a series of tough questions Frank demonstrated a clear grasp of the sweep of Mass politics and the woes of our Republican Party over the past 40 years.

What was most clear is his intention to boldly and proudly set forth a clear Republican Message, and to oppose the onslaught of the progressives and socialists. After Jennifer Nassour’s mixed messages, this is just what the faithful had been longing to hear.

Frank warmed many hearts when he explained his plans for GOP transparency and his intentions to use Kamal to further that process. The dark, mysterious, backroom disappearance of MassGOP funds has long been a sore point with the party faithful.

Whatever people had come hoping to hear in a 4-way debate, Frank made up for it with energy, clarity, and blunt [sometimes humorous] answers. He filled the room.

Most telling about the afternoon was that when the formal part of the debate had ended – nobody moved to go home. Most folks lingered for another hour of talking, planning, and socializing. I think many were feeling like me – basking in the moment of a MoonBat-free room.

Phil Dann, Bob Maginn,…ya should’a been there. Or, maybe not

Bob, your $2,400 contribution to Schumer was throughly discussed.

At this point any sitting State Committeeman/woman who votes for Maginn over McNamara is either in Romney’s pocket or is comfortable being a little frog in an 11% pond.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Frank has always been a straight shooter!


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