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Republicans weigh in on Chairman

My take.  The interleaved comments make this a difficult read.  Better to use color or some indentation mark, realizing that it is often better to peg a reply point-by-point.

1)  You want no part of Montana or its politics.  You’ll have to trust me on this, though the record for its political wunderkind, Max Baucus, should say it all.  Forget the nutshell, he wrote the outline for ObamaCare.

2)  The two candidates for MA-GOP Chair are both well poised and capable.  Both of them could do wonders for the party so I’m inclined to ask each of them what they would do for the party should the other man win.  I look forward to hearing the answers tonight, mindful of the fact that I am not permitted to speak at tonight’s meeting, so I’m planting this seed in the hopes that someone who can speak will ask this question of both men.

Regardless of who emerges victorious tonight, the Party will remain divided.  There is hope on one side and more of the same on the other.  This is difficult to describe further because it comes from the heart, which is different for each of us.  A good engineer makes stuff and makes stuff work.  A brilliant engineer makes stuff out of nothing and cannot take the time to admire the handiwork, because he is now busy making something else out of nothing driven by need.  The deciding factor between ‘good’ and ‘brilliant’ can only be made by third-parties. That is each of us unto the others and when divulged becomes complimentary, well-deserved recognition.

That is what Frank McNamara can bring to the MA-GOP.  Regardless of tonight’s outcome, I am not alone in the belief that Bob Maginn will be gone, this time next year.

So there you have it.  My political suicide.  Oh yes, one last thought.  Could someone please ask the candidates what they think of Massachusetts S-2482? /Jim

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have endorsed and am supporting Frank McNamara for MassGOP Chair.

I asked you both to do the same, and not just because you might like me and care about my opinion.

When I was running, I called for forums and/or debates. So did two of the other three candidates; Bob Maginn did not. In fact, Bob Maginn has avoided all public forums. That’s Chair material?

The acting Chair, Jeanne Kangas, said there would be no forum or debate, so the Massachusetts Republican Assembly organized a debate and only Frank McNamara and I showed; I therefore withdrew and threw my support behind Frank.  (Jeff, you were there so you know how that went.)

Bob Maginn said he didn’t have time to make it, but he has had the time to host cocktail and dinner parties to wine and dine State Committee members, and further his offer to buy your votes by exchanging your open support for financial and other support from him to aid in reelection efforts.

That exemplifies exactly what is and has been wrong with our state party, and exactly what we do not need more of.

Other than Brock Cordeiro posts on Facebook, I have seen no public support for Bob Maginn among Republican activists.  Most email traffic about Mr. Maginn have asked “where’s Bob?” (see attached email below)

There have been countless public emails and posts by activists in support of Frank McNamara.

If you have not already, please speak with Frank personally. Ask him directions and pointed questions.

We, the Massachusetts Republican activists, see the only clear best choice for the Massachusetts Republican Party: Frank McNamara.  I believe your conscience tells you the same thing.

Tomorrow evening, please vote the way your conscience and intellect tell you.



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Insert  “famous dead guy quote”  here.  /Missy L

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Hey Kamal,

Who would have thought that my final State Committee vote would be for the interim chair?  I sure wish that Jennifer had stuck it out for a few more months, developed a strategy for 2012 and worked quietly on identifying her replacement.

Too bad, because the State Committee and everyone else interested will suffer similar upheaval after the State Committee election in the March presidential primary, when they must vote on the chairman for a full two-year term.

Let me put on my political hat and explain why the Maginn and McNamara camps campaign in the way they do.

Yes, the “establishment” asked Bob Maginn to take on the job of chair.  He certainly doesn’t need it as a feather in his cap or in hope of lining his pockets.  Of course the Romney and Brown campaigns want control and a smooth path in Massachusetts.  Who could blame them for wanting that, and who could fault Bob Maginn for his loyalty?

Meanwhile, Frank McNamara’s campaign fairly shouts “I’m deeply moral, I’m fed up, and I won’t take it anymore.”  There’s nothing wrong with that either.

(Gee, how I wish I could drop these gentlemen into a blender and then pour off one perfect, non-contentious GOP party chairman.)

There are only 80 state committee votes to win Wednesday evening.  No one else gets a vote, no matter how much e-mail or blog material he may write, no matter how earnest he may be.

If you’re Bob Maginn, you go after those votes directly.  You take advantage of the powerful Romney and Brown sponsorships, you stress your record of substantial campaign fundraising, and you position yourself as a contemporary technocrat / businessman informed by personal faith.  You run a “smart campaign.”

If you’re Frank McNamara, you counter that by leaping into the Massachusetts GOP mosh pit.  You bare your convictions, your family, your ordeal in the Massachusetts political wilderness to these non-constituent constituents.  Though no one in the pit gets a vote, all are very enthusiastic, and they are keeping score as to how those 80 State Committee votes fall.  You run an indirect but powerful “campaign of the heart” designed to spill over onto the actual electorate.

Maybe cringing a little, both candidates also allow surrogates to toss mud at the opposition.

With that understood, the candidates’ reaction to the MA Republican Assembly debate* is predictable.  Bob Maginn isn’t seeking any more exposure than is necessary to win.  The last thing he wants is spending an afternoon pilloried in a Worcester K-of-C hall.  Only odd-duck state committee people (like me) show up for lop-sided events like that.  Frank McNamara is only too glad to connect with that crowd and fire it up.

So Missy’s below rhetorical question is a false one, IMHO.  Bob Maginn is not dismissing debate and the public.  He just doesn’t gain much by courting them.  Frank McNamara stands to gain far more.  Each man knows what he’s doing.  Indeed, I am very impressed at how both have been able to solidify their positions and bang away consistently on their messages during a very compressed campaign cycle.  That bodes well for 2012 no matter who wins.

See you Wednesday in Newton.

Jeff Wilson
Republican State Committee Man,
First Middlesex District

* It was no debate at all.  It was a fundraising event attached to the MA RA’s state convention.  It featured a panel of questioners none too friendly to Romney and Brown.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I beg to differ.

I was just going to send this to you, but decided to send it out to all as I know how emails can get passed around. We’re not stupid, we know who gets to vote. And, you were incorrect with your * regarding the MARA event.

Let me put it another way.

We, the grassroots activists, were dismissed by magin, and yet again by the establishment who have brought us to this disgusting pathetic 11% party level to which we belong. It’s just more of the same. You may not see it, or choose not to, but we’ve experienced it for quite some time. He’s just one of many. He can get in line. Don’t you remember the last time the grassroots showed up for the election of Chair?  Didn’t you hear the statement after someone asked why they (we, the grassroots activists) were roped off?  Didn’t you hear the response?  BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT THEM HERE!  You didn’t hear that???  I DID!  And I know the committeeperson who said it.  I will never forget that infamous statement from a fellow Republican.

Nor will I ever forget – BOOTS ON THE NECK made by another committeeperson regarding fellow Republicans. There are a few choice statements made by other people which I will never forget and will remind people whenever I choose. 

You said it yourself Jeff, he didn’t have to. That in itself speaks volumes about the man’s character, doncha think???  A man who wants to lead the paltry and pathetic 11% registered Republicans in this state dismisses a whole group of Republicans.

The total lack of concern for party members, after he was invited by a Republican group. I call it contemptuous. His elitist attitude showed ALL of us grassroots activists just what the establishment locksteppers are – out for themselves and divisive. We are trying to save our state. They can’t be bothered getting down to “our level”, the actual “boots on the ground” people. I don’t see many of the cocktail crowd getting on the streets, do you?

Others were also invited. And they chose not to attend. One of them actually told me he wanted to bring all Republicans together. And I believed him. But he didn’t show either. I wonder why?????

If McNamara wins, we will be a united front in this disgusting state. If McNamara does not win, it will be by an excruciatingly small number, but we will have made a huge statement in showing the MAGOP establishment, we will not be dismissed, demeaned or ignored any longer. We, the grassroots activists, will not be told again we had nothing to do with getting people elected, nor will we be told to shut up and sit down! We are not splitting the party, we are fixing it! The establishment just doesn’t like it as we see them for what they are.

The establishment is pulling out all the stops and calling in all favors, all to make sure magin holds the MAGOP for kaufman and romney and brown. There is more to this state than those three.

McNamara wants to be Chair to unite the party, grow the party and take back our state.

The establishment can’t stand it because we, the grassroots activists who are sick and tired of their crapola, are gaining traction and momentum in this state. The establishment sees the writing on the wall or they wouldn’t be in such a tizzy. (just remember, only an idiot  keeps doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over …… again expecting a different result.) They call us divisive because we won’t lockstep anymore. FOR WHAT, the same old crap? They are the ones who are divisive because they don’t agree with us! You can’t have it both ways. Look familiar? We’ve had it with how the establishment has dragged us, and our state, down into the gutter with them.

The MAGOP establishment had the audacity to take credit for our 18 freshmen reps. We know how they got elected. And it was in spite of the MAGOP.

It’s the grassroots activists who will change this state, with or without the MAGOP. It will just take a few more election cycles, that’s all.

McNamara is the one who is capable of uniting both factions. He has his feet in both realms. magin has his feet only in the establishment corral.

We’ll see how it bodes in 2012. Just remember, the “boots on the ground” were dismissed 🙂

And that’s my humble opinion, in my grassroots activist hat.

/Missy L


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