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Maginn wins interim Chariman of GOP

Comment in response to Globe article below:

As a Conservative (not Republican)I am very concerned with the message sent. Please give US a platform/statement that can actually take the “D” away from many Conservative Politicians currently in Office. I know several who are very Conservative, yet carry the “D” so they can be elected.

Fix it, or continue to be irrelevent.

As an aside, thank God Barney Frank is gone! I for one am glad the Purple Dinosaur has been redistricted out. His understanding, of his potential loss, proves we might be going in the right direction.

Let’s fight to change for the following generations! Let’s get rid of all these idiots.

MassGOP taps Bob Maginn as new party chairman

By Associated Press
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 – Added 2 hours ago
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BOSTON – The Massachusetts Republican Party has tapped Bob Maginn to serve as party chairman after former chairwoman Jennifer Nassour stepped down in October.

Maginn defeated Frank McNamara for the top party post. Maginn had won the backing of senior state GOP officials, including House Republican Leader Brad Jones.

The party’s top goals include consolidating recent gains it made in the state House of Representatives and helping re-elect U.S. Sen. Scott Brown – the only Republican member of Congress from Massachusetts.

The GOP is also eyeing a handful of congressional seats, particularly after U.S. Rep. Barney Frank announced this week that he won’t seek reelection.

Maginn ran a failed bid for state treasurer in 1998 and was a senior partner at Bain & Co., a Boston-based business strategy firm which helped launch Mitt Romney’s career.


One comment on “Maginn wins interim Chariman of GOP

  1. Michelle
    December 1, 2011

    What is there to comment on? Nothing has changed. The article speaks for itself

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