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Homeowners’ rights in jeopardy

ENCOURAGE attendance:   Thursday , Jan. 12, 2012   at 7:30 PMStripers Grille Restaurant Function Room – 175 Bridge Road, Salisbury. MA  01952

Throughout our Country, in MA, and right here in Newburyport, the rights of homeowners are under attack with increased momentum.

This is not a coincidence. Please read below to learn about the factors that result in fewer property rights for families across America.

*Forward this information to neighbors that are interested in maintaining these rights.

* Consider attending the local information session to learn more about the methods and organizations behind the goals of reducing choices and liberties of private property owners and increasing the power of government officials.

Local Agenda 21: Coming to Your Neighborhood.

An information session on Agenda 21 by leading expert, Hal Shurtleff.

Thursday , Jan. 12, 2012   at 7:30 PM

Stripers Grille Restaurant Function Room

175 Bridge Road, Salisbury. MA  01952

Agenda 21 has infiltrated Newburyport  as well as hundreds of other towns. Elected Mayors and town officials are solicited and encouragement (often with taxpayer funded grants)  to participate in the many Agenda 21 programs. These programs often come to a city with nice names like The Green Communities Act, Sustainable Development, and ICLEI. They result in mandates like stretch building codes and the mentality that accepts powerful local historic districts. These organizations appear locally driven, but they represent the coordination of local governments by global entities and the U.N. with social engineering as a true objective.

Mayors and city legislatures may not comprehend what they are endorsing when committing a city to an Agenda 21 Program. Regardless of the specific Agenda 21 program, citizens soon realize their choices become limited, homeowner rights are restricted, and they lose economic progress in their city.

Please go to this website if you are looking for more information.

and email me with any questions or comments.

I hope to see many of you this Thurs as an effort to learn about Agenda 21.


Colleen Fallon

433 Merrimac St


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