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Dead people voting – NO ID needed

granted, this is in New Hampshire, (at the recent primaries up there), but people can be assured this technique can be applied anywhere VOTER ID is not required, which is definitely Mass where it’s not even “illegal to be illegal”, but the Attorney General has deemed Voter ID UNCONSTITUTIONAL. 

Dead people voting – NO ID REQUIRED

must see video:

and now the nagging question is, what will lawmakers do, prosecute the whistle blowers, or stop the voter fraud?

NH AG Investigating O’Keefe Group for Undercover Vid Showing Them Posing as Dead Voters to Get Ballots


The attorney general in New Hampshire is probing the state’s voting procedures in response to a video released Wednesday by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe showing how easy it is to vote in the name of someone who is dead.

“Based on the information we received on election day and the information obtained on the video, we are undertaking a comprehensive review of voting procedures with the Secretary of State’s office,” assistant New Hampshire attorney general Richard Head told TheDC by phone on Thursday.”

Learn more and support VOTER ID:

The Brennan Center conducts research on voter ID, proof of citizenship, and in-person voter fraud

Check out the Voter ID MA group on Facebook or send e-mail to
– Olivier Kozlowski (author of the voter ID question)

Voters heading to the polls in Massachusetts would have to bring along photo identification if they approve a petition initiative to adopt voter identification requirements.

The petition initiative, filed by Mansfield selectman Olivier Kozlowski, would require all voters to present government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license or state identification card, before they get a ballot in state or local elections.

“In this day and age we’re asked to provide identification for anything and everything,’’ Kozlowski said. “Something as sacred as our ballot ought to make sure the person claiming to be John Doe is John Doe.’’




4 comments on “Dead people voting – NO ID needed

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  2. MH
    January 13, 2012

    It’s too bad we lost the election for attorney general. We’ll have to work harder next time to get the right person elected. Some one who’s not brain dead and corrupted by the communist socialist progressive movement. I have to show an ID to purchase Advil Cold and Sinus but I can walk in and vote as a dead person no questions asked. ID’s at the pollinng place are way overdue I’m sick of elections being stolen by fraud. I have no doubt that this is a major problem right here in Mass.

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